Top 5 Blue Outfit Ideas For Casual Look

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Are you into the color of the sky? or feeling like wearing the color of the ocean? I think these Blue outfit ideas for a casual look are for you. Sometimes what we need is a change of style and a new color scheme for our Instagram feed. It would surely look great especially if you paired it with different styles and shades of blue. Here are the 5 blue outfit ideas you might want to consider.


Top 5 Blue Outfit Ideas For Casual Look

Royal Blue On Monochrome Casual Look Ideas

If there’s one thing that I want to try on style, I think it would be the monochromatic style and I like how the Blue matches to monochrome style. You could wear a brown trench coat for a casual look paired with knee boots and a fitted long sleeve dress. A blue-on-blue for monochrome is a great way of showcasing a new style as well. you can wear a blue mini skirt paired with a sweater and a coat with blue boots.

Baby Blue Casual Look Ideas

With all the shades of the color blue, baby blue is my favorite and I can add it to the colors of my closet. It is the color that is not painful in the eyes. It’s relaxing and it has a minimal vibe. For a baby blue casual look, you can wear a semi-formal coat paired with a crop or a bralette as an inner and a mini skirt or a baby blue short. Baby blue denim jeans are also good for a casual look if you want to look comfortable.

Skye Blue Polo Casual Look Ideas

If you want to look more casual daily this Skye blue polo is for you. You can pair it with shorts, loose pants, and trousers. It is very comfy and you can wear it whenever you want to have a quick errand outside or a walk in the park, or maybe a grocery run. Flat shoes and flip-flops match this comfy look as well.

Iceberg Blue Dress Casual Look Ideas

Iceberg blue dress is perfect for whenever you are planning to have a garden lunch date. It has a soft color and it suits an outdoor look. I recommend loafer shoes or a flip-flop for this one. But if you want to pair an Iceberg blue dress with a heel that is fine it is a good match as well.

Navy Blue Casual Look Ideas

Among all the colors, navy blue is the most formal and very simple color. It somehow has a little bit of touch to the black color. You can pair it with whatever you have in the closet and you can wear navy blue clothes whenever you have a meeting or just for a casual look.

Shades of blue are very beautiful and great to wear when you know how to match the different shades of it. You can experiment with different styles using these color schemes.

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