Top 5 fashion trends from 2022 runways

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Top 5 fashion trends from 2022 runways.

  • Back to basics

Let us begin the lineup by returning to the aughts and celebrating the return of basics. No matter how hard we try to bring bolder hues and vivid neon into our closets, neutral palettes and ‘back in the day’ designs always seem to find their way back home. The designers gave us a glimpse of their signature staples, whether it was Hermès’ signature styles and earthly palettes, Dior’s revival of Baroque lace, or Fendi’s reimagining the Baguette.

  • Flowy fringes

Speaking of the latest fashion trends, the abundance of fringes caught our eye during these fashion weeks. The flowy fringes made a comeback not just through one designer, but through many, giving them a clean chit to our party wardrobes.

  • Sequins play

Sequins and shimmer are two elements that help us achieve our #OTT wardrobe goals, and the fashion weeks did a great job of adding more of these styles to our closets. Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Michael Kors, and Fendi, among others, introduced new ways to play with sequined silhouettes.

  • Sheer silhouettes

That’s how diverse these fashion weeks can be, from fully loaded with shimmer to coming down to transparency. However, another trial trend observed was the see-through sheer silhouette. From full-blown gowns to summery dresses to basic tops, everything looked stunning as it walked down the runway, giving hope to all the fashion enthusiasts who were hoping to pull off these sheer ensembles.

  • Oversized is the new fit

The new fit is oversized. Period. There is no denying that when it comes to trend files, skin fits have taken a back seat, and what makes the headlines are the lousy yet lofty fits, courtesy of the oversized looks. The fashion week saw a slew of looks mocking the concept of a perfect fit and taking pride in walking down the runway in some of the most elegant and chic-looking outfits by some of the finest couturiers.

  • Power suiting

Finally, without mentioning the experimentation with power suits, this list of the latest fashion trends would be quite incomplete. You must have had a basic set of professional suits in your wardrobe, but to add power to suits, a slew of designers gave us unconventional suiting ideas as they walked the runways of Paris, Milan, and New York.

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