Top 5 luxury Watch Brands

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Best ways to select quality luxury watch brands that reflect your personality


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Mostly girls and boys like to wear a watch with their every outfit. Watch completes your entire look and makes you look decent, elegant, and presentable. A lot of watch brands are serving the needs of boys and girls. You can also shop from these brands according to your buying capacity. Some of the luxury watch brands are:


Landed in 1839 Geneva Switzerland and has made its way to appear in the top 5 luxurious watch brands. They sell expensive yet adorable watches for men and women.


It was started in 1873 in Switzerland by two friends and they put all their efforts together to make the brand as is it is now. They use high-quality steel so their Analog watches are durable and no customer can complain about the poor quality of the watches.



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Rolex was started in 1905 and is famous for its new styles and designer watches that can never fail to impress the public. This brand always introduces a new style of watch with time.

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Cartier is one of the leading jewelry shops for girls. They sell pretty and elegant jewelry that no other brand can compete. Besides their ladies’ watches with elegant movement is the center of attraction for everyone. If you want to buy a watch for your dear ones then Cartier is the best option indeed.



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This brand is the youngest as it has not even completed its 100 years in the market yet one of the best brands for Digital and Analog watches.

Some pro tips while choosing your desired watch are:

Consider The Recipient First:

Either you want to buy it for yourself or your dear one considers the likes and dislikes about that personality then choose a specific watch.

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Set A Budget:

Always select your budget for your watch shopping because you will find a lot of variety in the market but you have to stay within your budget.

Understand Watch Movements:

Analog watches move clockwise to indicate time and Digital watches show time directly. Whatever is comfortable for you choose to watch accordingly? Secondly when you select a watch and ask its price from the shopper try to judge that is the material of the watch compliments the price or not. If your answer is yes, you can buy it if not then rethink your choice.

Consider Styles and Features:

Watch with different features are available in the market some shoe heartbeat with time and some smartwatch can connect your phone with the watch. More advancement will make a simple watch more expensive. If you need these features then invest in them otherwise go for a simple way.

Consider The Brand Name:

Consider the brand from where you are planning to buy your watch. Does that brand have a good name in the market or do people have bad views about them?


So, these are the best luxury watch brands and tips that can guide you on which watch is suitable for your personality.

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