Top 5 Most Beautiful Fashion Models in Africa: 2024

Most Beautiful Fashion Models in Africa 1
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Fashion Models in Africa: Beauty and fashion are among the most profitable Industries in Africa. The continent is fast changing from what was known as the dark continent into the continent of light. Fashion has managed to bring out the true value of Africans and has taught the continent that black too is beautiful.

Nowadays, fashion and modelling agencies have increased in number across the African continent, capturing as many fashion models as possible, and bringing them out to the world.

Many African models are making the continent proud by beating all odds to shine highly in both local and international competitions in New York, Paris, Sydney and all other fashion cities in the world. Here are some of the most beautiful African models:

Most Beautiful Fashion Models in Africa:

1. Maris Borges:

Through Instagram, the renowned model operates under the name iammariaborges with a blue tic. She is probably the most renowned model in Africa, having been featured at Victoria’s Secret countless times. She hails from Angola and has made it to several red-carpet runways in Africa and beyond.

Most Beautiful Fashion Models in Africa 1: Fashion Models in Africa

2. Alek Wek:

Countless times, Alek Wek has reminded us that black is very beautiful and that Africans are beautiful people too. She is a tall beauty, standing at 5 feet and 11 inches. She is considered one of the most successful models and hails from the Dinka tribe in Sudan. She is fast approaching 46 years of age and has modelled for top companies such as Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren among many others.

Most Beautiful Fashion Models in Africa

3. Herieth Paul: (Most Beautiful Fashion Models in Africa)

It seems that to be a perfect model, height is of great importance. Herieth is one of the most beautiful and renowned models who was born in Dar es Salaam but later moved to Canada. She has done modelling at the top tables, working with lucrative fashion houses around the world.


4. Gelile Bekele:

Who doesn’t know Bekele? She is one of the most outstanding African models with a successful career spanning many years. She first signed into the industry as a Ford model. She has appeared in several competitions including a lingerie competition.

5. Evelyn Njambi: (Most Beautiful Fashion Models in Africa)

The former Miss World Kenya is a stunning beauty by all means. Her taste in fashion and curvaceous body have been spoken about and written about by many authors, part of the reasons she had to appear in this exclusive article.

Beautiful Kenyan Fashion Models


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