Top 6 Iconic Fashion Designers

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Fashion is more than surface understanding behind the general notion of it. It is a passion for creating artwork. It creates a dream and designs a vision for the life pleasing to everyone. Meanwhile, regarding the subject, let us see the top-rated 6 world iconic and influential fashion designers in the history of the world that left remarkable scores in the history of the fashion designing industry.

1. Calvin Klein Fashion:

Klein is one of the American fashion designers born in 1942. The iconic fashion god established Calvin Klein Inc in 1968. He is special for unique fashion styles and his amazing architectural designs of clothing styles, such as womenswear, men’s wear, cosmetics, jeans, perfumes, linens, and many other fashion collections. His label clothes were fairly pricey, classic, and elegant.

These designs are easy to wear and highly appreciated by fashion enthusiasts in the US and other countries. The expression of his design philosophy is comfortable and simple with fair-priced labels.

2. Ralph Lauren

Lauren is an American fashion designer in 1939 who mainly built his brand as an elite American lifestyle brand that made it a globally successful style empire. In 1968, he named his first full line of menswear ‘Polo’. He explains his style, “I’m interested in longevity, timelessness, style—not fashion.” He is a notable philanthropist.

3. Tom Ford

Summer Dresses

Tom Ford was born in 1961 in the United States. He is a renowned American fashion designer, mainly recognized for reviving ‘Gucci’ from its bad days. He worked as a creative director for Gucci between 1994 to 2004. In 2004 he founded ‘Tom to Ford, a fashion house. In 2007, the label’s flagship store opened.

Iconic Fashion Designers

4. Coco Chanel

For almost six decades this French fashion designer ruled Parisian haute couture. She was born in 1883 and died in 1971. Her stylishly simple designs encouraged women of fashion to desert the complex, painful clothes that were popular in the 19th century like petticoats and corsets. She believed “luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury,” Her designs focus on simplicity and comfort and later her fashion belief revolutionized the whole fashion industry. Chanel suits, the quilted purse, costume jewelry, and the “little black dress” are some of her best innovations and contributions to women’s fashion.

Perfume ‘Chanel No. 5’, which was introduced by her in 1921 came to be the financial basis of this brand. One of the most influential, Karl Lagerfeld led Chanel’s couture house after her death.

5. Donatella Versace

Donatella Francesca Versace is an Italian fashion designer. Vice president and artistic director at Gianni Versace SpA., founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace. She was born in 1955, and initiated Versace, along with Young Versace, which later became integral to the company.

She takes care of the Brand-image. After Gianni Versace’s death, she focused on Advertising and grew the Brand. She brought Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and other stars to the Versace line.

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6. Giorgio Armani

The Italian fashion designer was born in 1934, mainly known for an extremely luxurious, elegant, and relaxed style of design. In 1975, he launched his label for men and women ready-to-wear, which later diversified into music, sport, and luxury hotels.

Iconic Fashion Designers 2

He expresses his fashion philosophy as, “I was the first to soften the image of men and harden the image of women. I dressed men in women’s fabrics, and stole from men what women wanted and needed—the power suit.” This was a wonderful expression from him, as it thus became a generational quote.


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