Top 8 Gemstone Rings for Every Occasion

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A pair of sassy earrings, some exotic charm bracelets, and a few stylish layered necklaces. What’s still missing? Of course, Gemstone Rings stack that calls for a sparkling pop of colors.

“But, I’m already freaked out with so many choices.”

Well, if you’re already scratching your head looking out for the best, we’re here to give you that much-needed break. Whether you wish to take some rest in the mountains and valleys or crave some romantic bites at a rooftop restaurant, let nothing but the gemstone rings mentioned below keep you company. After all, you are not going out just to eat or relax but to flaunt your fashionable choices as well, right?

Diamond Rings: Glorifying Tales of Brilliance

Dressed up to the nines for the corporate dinner party but can’t decide on which gemstone ring to style with your black and white dress? Well, colorless diamonds have such versatile vibes that can be tuned with any color you could think of. So, why not pick the most dazzling diamond rings in your collection for any dress-up? And if by chance these April birthstones are your lucky charms, then kudos to you! That’s another convincing reason for you to style a diamond ring day and night.

Sapphire Rings: Majestic Blast of Hues

Your office wardrobe incorporates most shades in it, right? So, let the blue and fancy sapphires do the honor of recreating your mediocre casual looks. With royal blue, pretty pink, tangy orange, sunny yellow, and hazy purple sapphires co-existing in your jewelry case, you’ll never have to look beyond them to style your fingers. Moreover, the 9 out of 10 Mohs hardness scale says enough praise for these September birthstone rings. So, you can wear them 24/7 and not just occasionally.

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woman wearing a ruby ring and another woman wearing an emerald ring

Ruby Rings: Epitome of Romance

All excited for a dinner date or a romantic beach stroll with your soulmate? A proposal, engagement or wedding ring on your ring finger featuring rubies will keep the flames of passion burning. Also, rubies, just like sapphires, are at the second spot from the top, i.e., at the 9th position on the Mohs scale. So, wearing these fiery jewels will never bring you a hassle. This means you can always indulge in those cute pillow fights with your partner with a ruby ring on.

Emerald Rings: Evergreen Passion for Life

If you love spending time with nature, here’s a natural gemstone ring for you that resonates so well with greens. Don’t forget to put on your emerald ring when going out with your partner to admire nature’s wonders around you. Emerald rings not only stand for supreme beauty but also for eternal passion to live your life to the fullest. Additionally, emeralds are the official May birthstones, influencing the May-borns with eternal peace and youthfulness for life.

Alexandrite Rings: Dramatic Theory of Love

Those seeking transformation in their lives can learn the art from alexandrites. These color-shifting gemstones are live instances of how metamorphism can attract good fortune and the best of luck.

Embrace the astral beauty of alexandrites into your new life with alexandrite engagement or wedding rings. With their animated chameleon effect and durable vibes (8.5 hardness score), alexandrites will accompany you for a lifetime. If you are inspired by the vintage era, opt for an alexandrite and diamond ring set in yellow gold.


Aquamarine Rings: Soothing Vibes from Oceans

Who doesn’t love to play on the beach sand and admire the sunset on the horizon? If you’ve also tasted seawater while surfing on high tides, we have got you a strong gemstone recommendation. Let’s cheer for the aqua-hued aquamarine, the soothing March birthstone. Its blue-green shades work as an appetizer for humans, reenergizing souls and tranquilizing minds.

Whether you pick aquamarine gold rings or platinum bands, you are in for an adventurous ride into the aquatic kingdom. So, make sure to put on your aquamarine ring when going out for beach vacations or attending pool parties. But, make sure to put your ring aside while diving in. You don’t want to lose it for good, right?

woman wearing a peridot ring and another woman wearing a morganite ring
woman wearing a peridot ring and another woman wearing a morganite ring

Peridot Rings: For Grassy & Glassy Touch-Up

If you are looking for August birthstone rings then peridots will give you a breath of freshness in the smoldering summer. Adorn your fingers with peridot rings and bathe in the natural spark of sunny yellows and grassy greens.

Peridots score between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale so while you can still wear them every day, they’ll keep you on your toes. So, make sure to pay extra attention to chipping or scratching. Some people prefer pale green peridots over vibrant green emeralds. This is because the former are more affordable than the latter. But honestly speaking, each has its own charm that can’t be replaced with the other.

Morganite Rings: Soft Pinkish Tones of Love


The compassionate, peachy pink hues of morganites are everything you could ask for in your proposal ring. With a hardness score between 7.5 and 8, morganites are good to work with engagement rings as well. These gemstones are also favored for being affordable alternatives to pink diamonds. So, if you’re clueless about picking a promise ring for your girl, blindly go with morganite rings. We bet no girl will turn you down for a morganite bliss.

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