Top 8 Untucked Shirt Designers

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Long before it became fashionable an untucked shirt was the norm in certain niche cultures. As part of the Hip-Hop culture, I can verify the untucked look has been the norm for near 15 years. But now since Untuckit made a splash in the fashion industry, designers have been scrambling to catch up. Here are the top 8 designers in my humble opinion if you want a great untucked shirt look.


There can be no denying that Untuckit stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to the untucked look. They didn’t design it but they sure did popularize it.

Flag and Anthem

Flag and Anthem are not as well known as some of these other brands but I sure love their shirts and own several.


Even if you don’t understand the name Coofandy, you just have to love the shirts. I love the way they line with off colors and patterns.


I just love the classic look of Columbia shirts. They are well made and look great untucked.

Mountain Khakis

Mountain Khakis is quickly gaining market share through innovative designs and their shirts are just made in my opinion for the untucked look.

Eddie Bauer

The Eddie Bauer brand has long been known for innovation and high quality. Their untucked shirts hit all the checkmarks and look amazing too.

Proper Cloth

I just love the look and feel of Proper Cloth shirts. They are such high quality and a pleasure to put on.

Johari West

Better known for untucked Hawaiian-style shirts, Johari West makes an amazing shit for almost any ocassion.

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