Top NFL Cheerleader Uniforms.

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Cheerleaders are a relative newcomer to the NFL and some teams still have resisted the draw of scantily clad girls on their sidelines. Cheerleaders gained a lot of notoriety back in the late ’70s as the scantily clad Dallas cowboys cheerleaders were making headlines. Sometimes even more so than the actual team. Since then many teams have opted to have their cheerleaders dress risque and it seems to be a fan favorite since football is still a male-dominated spectator sport. Here we have put together the uniforms we like best for this year’s NFL cheerleading squads.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.  

We like the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader outfits best to this day. They still have imagination and best represent their team.  By today’s standards they are quite conservative comparatively speaking, but definitely appealing to look at for the most famous squad in the world.

Seattle Seahawks (Sea Gals)

Much like the Cowboys cheerleaders uniforms, the Seattle Sae Gals uniforms seem to mesh well with the team. We also liked the colors and the overall look of the uniform.

Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders (Top Cats)


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The Top Cats like many other squads have many uniforms depending on the weather, but this uniform we like best of them all. Love the logo on the sleeve and the imagination in look.

Denver Bronco Cheerleaders

The Broncos cheerleaders do not have a special name but we sure like the imagination in their uniforms.  Love the embroiders coupled with the chaps. Really meshes well with the team and the colors.

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders (Dolphins Cheer)

We really liked the Dolphins Cheerleader uniform. Not too risque, but definitely athletic. Always loved the Dolphin logo and colors so it just seems natural that we would like the uniform.

Los Angels Rams Cheerleaders

Though there was some dispute in the ranks on this one I like the Rams Cheerleaders outfit. It represents the team and it’s cute and sexy too.

Dallas Texans Cheerleaders

There is no question the Houston Texans cheerleader’s outfits are the sexiest of all the uniforms on the NFL. Sporting little more than a bikini seems to be the standard but its still cute and worthy of mention.

At last we have reached the end of the  Top Uniforms for NFL Cheerleaders. If we missed anything let us know and we hope you enjoyed our post.

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