Trendy Tribal Braids Styles to Try This Year

fulani tribal braids with beads
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Tribal braids hairstyles have been a very popular option, especially in recent years. They are loved by many for being very versatile, elegant and having the special ability to protect natural hair. One of the most eye-catching braids that will leave you admired by many is the tribal braid. They are timeless and culturally inspiring. As mentioned earlier, braids have gained immense popularity in recent years across the entire world. With me here are some of the trendy tribal braids that you should style this year. Take a look:

1. Triangle Tribal braids:

They often offer a modern twist to the triangular side. This style is one of the most unique as it involves the hair being divided into triangular sections and this creating a geometric appearance. The triangular tribal braids are a very versatile option.

cute Triangle Tribal braids

2. Boxed tribal braids:

They are classy, sassy, and widely recognized throughout. The style involves sectioning a part of the hair into square-shaped parts and braiding each section. It is a very neat style that can be customized by adding more colorful extensions for that extra touch of flair.

3. Feed in tribal braids:

They are commonly known as Ghana braids and are achieved by adding extensions as your braid. This technique creates that natural and very seamless look. It can be styled in various patterns such as straight back, zigzag, or even curved to give you the desired look.

sexy Feed in tribal braids

4. Cornrow Tribal braids:

If you want a very elegant style, this is one of the very best. The style involves braiding the hair close to the scalp in neat and very organized straight rows. The cornrow tribal braids are very fantastic for those looking for a sleek and low-maintenance hairstyle that will for sure last for weeks.

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5. Fulani tribal braids:

This specific type of braid is very unique as it draws its inspiration from the Fulani people of West Africa. It has a very unique blend of braids and accessories. The style includes some small individual braids combined with some beads, shells, and cowrie shells. The accessories add a cultural touch to the hairstyle.

fulani tribal braids with beads

How to maintain tribal braids: Tips:

1. Be sure to cover your braids with satin scarf at night to preserve the style.

2. Avoid excessive pulling to prevent breakage.

3. Keep the scalp moisturized by the use of moisturizing spray.

4. Use a cleaning spray to remove any buildup in the hair.


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