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The dress is usually the first thing that comes to mind when we think of sewing. Naturally, we are aware of the superiority of fitted strange jackets and trousers. I adore suits, and if my profession or other circumstances required it, I would wear one every single day. However, I am currently able to choose what I wear to work, and I enjoy the variety of unusual jackets.


Fresco is my particular favorite in this category since it maintains its shape plus is very durable. The term “Fresco” refers to a particular weave created by Minnis, however, several mills have created their own variations of the fabric. It has an open weave, which keeps it cool, yet its densely woven strands help it maintain its shape. Of course, there are additional weaves. I once owned a set of gray, summer-weight hopsack pants, which likewise looked really well when worn. However, I did not like it when they looked at me in the end since they were too loose. A general name for lightweight wool suited to be used in the hotter seasons is “tropical wool. If you are unable to physically inspect the fabric, I advise sticking with Fresco.


For summer, I particularly prefer off-white cotton-linen blend trousers because I can wash them. However, off-white wool trousers also function well, though I myself detest them. A 1988 Mercury Sable that ended out to be an awful lemon was sold to my parents by a used vehicle dealer who had a very mid-1960s vibe and was dressed in some (honestly, they were likely polyester) and a yellow shirt. I also don’t dry clean unless it is absolutely necessary because I am too cheap. However, I wholeheartedly support off-white pants made of any material you like. Tan jackets, smoking jackets, dark brown vests, blue jackets, green jackets, and the list goes on, literally go with everything.




You’ll appear great for the office if you choose dressier styles that maintain a crease or have either an untreated seam or a beautifully finished seam. Chinos that are worn-in and appear tougher can also look great with a fitted jacket, but they won’t look right if you’re trying to dress them up more. For instance, I wouldn’t put on a tie or wear glossy calf leather shoes plus worn-in trousers. But I could wear both with a wrinkled pair of chinos. British khaki, copper, golden, or whatever name the shop gives them, in my opinion, is the most appealing shade of khaki. Compared to regular khaki, which is a dustier, extra fading tan, I like its warmth more. That also has its place.



Dark jeans have dominated menswear for at least ten years, and I’m fairly certain that selvage denim companies outnumber Styleforum users. There’s a solid reason for it: they seem more put together when worn out at night and flatter a wider range of body kinds than faded jeans do. You move closer to dad-jean territory, rancher territory, miner territory, or fashion blog territory the lighter you go. So, in my opinion, you can’t go wrong if you stay with dark rinses and even just slightly worn denim. Depending on the area, they may be too warm to wear in the middle of the summer; yet, in those circumstances, wearing a fitted coat might not make sense.

I tend to wear the same jacket-trouser outfits over and over again. The options are different in the warmer months than they are in the winter, but the basic idea remains the same.

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