Unlocking Beauty Recovery Tips: We Tolerate Alot For Admiration

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Ever thought about what you wished you knew before you spent your money to try out new products and trends?  Many people are sharing their experiences and reviews out there. You may also be one of them. We all have had our fair share of experiences with products and trends. We all want to look and feel beautiful. But at what price and at who’s expense?

Beauty is about the glam and looking fabulous is being willing to go the extra mile. Sometimes, we shop around and do our research, but what may work for the majority, just might not work for you. So here are some beauty recovery tips and tricks to consider, for those who haven’t had a commendable experience in any one of the beauty-enhancing departments hereunder:

beauty recovery tips and tricks for hair



Bleaching does its fair share of damage. Bleached hair and the success of bleaching with less damage, depends on the product of choice and the percentage of chemical reaction to the user. Going to a skilled professional hairdresser helps to minimize hair loss. Using a safe and reputable brand helps. Bleaching less often also helps. But how can one recover, if bleaching has caused hair loss?

1.  Find oneself a specialist or doctor depending on the reaction and percentage of damage

2. Treat the scalp with herbal blends and patience. Some herbs and mixtures that will benefit are, castor oil, vitamin E oil, guava leaves and lemongrass extracts, rose water, and massages with regular moisture spritzing, of any of these mentioned blends.

3. Hydrate the scalp often and hydrate inwardly by drinking lots of fluids and fresh fruit juices.

beauty recovery tips and tricks for nails


We all appreciate having beautiful hands with well-done nails. Nail extensions and manicures are the trending go-tos presently. With acrylic, poly gel, and gel x on the market, you can’t go wrong. It’s available and makes a huge difference. However, we rarely consider the nail and the possible damage to our natural nails when our desire for the glam sets in.

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Taking our natural nails into consideration is very important, although most of us do not care too much about the possible damage to the weakened natural nail, cuticle, and nail bed. If you happen to be someone who has had a negative experience and wishes to recover, here are some beauty recovery tips and considerations:

1.  Allow time for the nail to breathe after nail removal. Give the nail some time to heal between applications.

2.  Treat your natural nails. Vitamin e oil, cuticle oil, castor and coconut oils are healthy for nails. Apart from your calcium intake, it is necessary to strengthen your nails by taking a break after using nail extensions.

3. Be careful when removing the artificial nails. Visit a professional nail tech or use only the prescribed chemical designed to remove the nails.

Do not force the nail off your natural nail. Exercise caution to save your natural nails.

4. After removal of gel x or acrylic and any other trending nail application, your nail, cuticle, and nail bed become sensitive. In many cases, you experience burning and pain for some days. When this is your experience, you must avoid hot water and too much exposure to chemicals. I suggest you use cold water to soak the hands, vitamin E oil to moisturize and hydrate the natural nail, and also some clear nail polish to coat the nail until it regrows. Keeping the nail coated protects it from too much exposure to air as it becomes thin and buried into the nail bed. This is usually the cause of sensitivity and discomfort. Covet the nail with plaster or gauze from time to time until it heals, or use glove to shower and wash the dishes.

I do not advise covering the damaged nail with a new nail application or gel to hide the damage.

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beauty recovery tips and tricks for eyelashes


If you already have healthy and full eyelashes, do not proceed to use the semi-permanent eye lash additions and extensions. False lashes are beautiful but the glue can remove some of your natural lashes.

Maintaining the health of your lashes is advised and to do so, you can try:

1.  Moisurizing the eyelids with clear castor oil.

2.  Eye drops and eye serums by trusted brand names.

3.  Mascara.

So to conclude, when we think we are being admired for our beauty accessories, men may be wondering Why. Why are they doing this to themselves? Yet, they tolerate it. On the other hand, we tolerate the loss, pain, and discomforts, for the sake of admiration and a sense of beauty and this we need to monitor. Too much too often is not always best. We are responsible for the health of our features.

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