Unveiling the 12 Best Lipsticks Today: Expert Reviews and Top Picks

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Navigating the world of the best lipsticks is more complex than simply picking a color you love. From ingredient analysis to texture evaluation, finding the perfect lipstick requires thorough research. Whether you’re a fan of creamy satin, ultra-matte, or high-shine gloss, each type offers unique benefits.

I’ve tested some of the top brands in the market, from MAC’s iconic matte lipsticks with a sweet, syrupy aroma to Merit Beauty’s sleek new offerings. In this guide, I’ll share my findings and recommendations to help you discover your next favorite lipstick, whether you prefer a subtle lip tint or a bold, lasting hue. Dive in to find your perfect match and avoid the pitfalls of buyer’s regret.

Punchy pigments to blush balms 

Buying retinol serums, for instance, requires extensive study on everything from ingredient percentages to hour-long video evaluations. If you put in the effort and locate the perfect combination, you can prevent buyer’s regret. You’ll also avoid any calamities with your skin (and cash) saved.

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While selecting the ideal lipstick might not seem like a difficult undertaking—after all, you’re halfway there if you like the colour, right? Not exactly, though. You might be surprised to learn how rich and diverse the world of lipstick is. From creamy satin and high-shine gloss to ultra matte and velvety suede, the textures are a world of their own. And the formulas, oh, the formulas! They come in many forms, such as moisturizing, smoothing, and plumping, each with its unique benefits.

So I’ve had the pleasure of testing some of the greatest brands, and I’m excited to share my findings with you. From the well-known matte lipstick from MAC, which has a sweet, syrupy aroma, to Merit Beauty, the newest child on the block. These are the lipsticks that have excelled in terms of hue selection and longevity, and I can’t wait for you to try them.

 If you’re like me and love a delicate lip tint, scroll to slide six and get ready to give a tiny bit of your heart to Dior’s Lip Glow Colour Reviver Balm, an iconic shade that looks much better like your lips. Fans of bold lips? Give the Maybelline New York Superstay Vinyl Ink some thought because of its incredible lasting strength and pigment-packed composition. I promise that there is something for everyone, and you’re bound to find your new favourite.” 

Non-drying matte


1. RMS Legendary Serum Lipstick

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PC: Amazon

This lipstick series boasts an incredible shade range, ranging from vibrant orange-reds to strong raspberry pinks. Because of its extreme pigmentation, you may anticipate a perfectly saturated colour after just a single swipe. Based on water, the moisturizing component of the lipstick keeps it from drying out, even with a matte finish. Although it doesn’t totally dry down, it is quite smudge-proof—that is to say, it probably wouldn’t hold up during a passionate make-out session. Still, it will hold up during a spaghetti carbonara.

2 . Soft-focus finish

Refy Lip Blush

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I don’t know when exactly, but Refy has quietly taken over as my favorite makeup brand, and this lip blush is the same. As the name implies, the formula blurs for a soft-focus effect and applies a thin touch of color to the lips. One swipe will give you a soft blush similar to a balm, or you can add more to get a more intense color.

3 . Chic shade range

MERIT Signature Lip

Let me introduce you to Merit Beauty, a new makeup brand that exudes easy, stylish style.

From the vegan formulas and stylish tints to the simple packaging, it’s no wonder that every influential person with their salt has tried (and liked) the brand. In my opinion, it’s the signature lipstick because of its satin-like, moisturizing texture.

4 . Iconic formula

MAC Matte Lipstick

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PC: Mac Cosmetic India 

It is impossible to write this feature without mentioning the original—indeed, MAC Cosmetics. From the recognizable sweet aroma to the striking colour payoff and durable pigment, we all know and adore our MAC lipsticks for a reason.

 My favourite, though? I want them all, but it’s hard to choose between Russian Red and Ruby Woo. But if I had to choose, Velvet Teddy—the epitome of a pinky-nude—would be my choice.

 5 . The perfect everyday

Summer Fridays Dream Lip Oil

Okay, those with keen eyes will see this isn’t lipstick. However, the dreamy mauve tone of Summer Fridays silky tinted lip oil—also known as the ideal everyday hue—and its exquisite conditioning recipe have won it a place on this list. If you’re as obsessed with sheer lipstick as I am, you really should check it out, as it’s quickly become my go-to product.

6 . Luxe packaging (and formula)

Tom Ford Lip Color

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PC: Ubey

To be completely honest with you, this Tom Ford beauty makes me happier than any other lipstick I own. From the smooth-as-butter composition to the sophisticated, gold-weighted package that clicks, the pigment appears smoothly and adds a striking pop of colour. The smart composition even manages to moisturize and plump up my constantly parched lips.

7 . Non-stick sheen

Lisa Eldridge Embrace Melting Lip Color by Baume

This produces the most deliciously balmy sheen and a faint color tinge. It hydrates the lips and gives them a lush, healthy appearance.

Summer limited Time sale

 ‘Sweet Fig’ is a creamy neutral te that leaves your lips looking amazing.

8 . High pigment color

Revlon Colorstay Suede Ink Lipstick

I really do mean it when I say that this lipstick is really pigmented. Let me reassure you that the velvety matte finish won’t end up all over your face before e your fear of smudging makes you scroll past. This little gem didn’t even bleed, transfer, or fade after a few hours of wear (I wore it with a little lip liner to keep the edges crisp). You should add This fantastic lipstick to your collection for less than £10.

9 . Unique adaptive shade

Dior Addict Lip Glow

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PC: Ubey

I can’t think of any lipstick in this roundup that makes me feel quite as emotional as the Dior Lip Glow, whether they are old favorites or brand-new products. I’ve returned time and time again to this lipstick—technically, lip balm. The moisturizing composition responds to the lips’ natural moisture content, giving you a distinct and incredibly attractive pink glow.

10 . Moisturizing formula

Rose Inc Satin Lipstick

For creating such an exquisite lipstick collection, Rosie H nHuntington-Whiteley deserves a standing ovation. Ten creamy neutral tones with the satin flatshare are available, each refillable. Because of its flat, sharp edge, the bullet itself is ideal for adding extra precision to the lip line. The rich moisturizing formula is perfect for those prone to ary pout.

11 . Ultra long wear

Maybelline New York Superstay Vinyl Ink

This is the lipstick to use if you want it to last all day. The extra effort is well worth it for a full day (and night) of bright, smudge-proof lip colour. Yes, it would help if you had a rich, balmy cleanser to remove the colour. Many other tints exist, such as bold red, inky plum, and rosy pink.

12 . Buttery, comfortable formula

Glossier Glossier Ultralip Nourishing Shine & Color 

WhenWhen it comes to lipstick, Glossier never fails. Their Generation G line has always been a favourite, but their newest product has won my heart because of its hydrating, balmy consistency. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Glossier likens the sensation of putting on buttery-soft cashmere sweatpants to the creamy cocooning lippies.

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