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Urfi Javed is an Indian actress who every day surprises us with her unique look. Today, I’m going to share her top 7 looks that showed her creativity as well as entertain us every day.

1- Urfi Javed: Sim Card Dress-up


Urfi Javed: Sim Card Dress-up

Everybody knows about the card and the uses of Sim Card b  because there is no one who doesn’t have at least a Mobile. We can’t imagine the other use of a Sim Card except in electronic devices. But she made a unique Sim card dress for showed her new creativity and talent. She made a sleeveless short top and a very short skirt from a yellow sim Card with a Little Blue color.

2- Urfi Javed: Razors Dressup


Urfi Javed: Razors Dressup

She also did an experiment on razors and made a dress by stitching many razors in different patterns. She avoided that razors can hurt her very sharply. She wrote on social media for this post,” I made the perfect dress for introverts. Razor cut! Made this dress from razors! I can’t thank my team enough for helping me with my crazy ideas!”

3- Urfi Javed: Wires Dress-up


Urfi Javed: Wires Dress-up

Urfi Javed mostly loves to experiment with new and unique materials. She made her new dress from blue wires and shared it on a reel video. She wrote “Yeah this is wire! Also, there was no cutting of wires!! I think this looked bomb!! I think I’ll be trying different colors as well! For me fashion is all about experimenting, creating something, and making a statement!”

4- Gunny Dress up


Gunny Dress up

Her new and immediate experiment on Gunny( Bori). The actress does the unthinkable always. She converted a ‘bori’ (sack) into a crop top and skirt. While captioning the post, she wrote, “Bori or a dress? Whatttttt…Made this from a bori in 10 mins!!”

5- Candy- Floss Dressup


Candy- Floss Dressup

I think you would eat a lot of candy in your life but Urfi designed an outfit with pink and green flavored candy floss. She made a tube top and a mini skirt with candy floss. She captioned the post, “So no brownie points for guessing what this dress is made of !”

6- Sea Shells Dressup


It also surprised me, how she thought about it. She made a shells dress and did a sea shore photoshoot. She designed a blue shell bra for the upper part and a pink thin dupatta used for covering the lower part.

7- Safety Pins Dressup


Who would have thought that the most common household item ‘safety pins’ can be used for a brilliant outfit? She made her new dress from thousands of safety pins and stitched it with one together. It’s a transparent dress with black innerwear.

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