Veekee James: Tailor to Global Designer

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Hello fashionistas and welcome to another exciting blog post by yours truly. Last week, we discussed the sensational award show that took place in Lagos, Nigeria. And I remember being excited to write about it because of the beautiful masterpieces created by my favorite designer. Do you all remember? You’re going to have to, because today we are focusing on that designer. So, join me as we uncover the inspiring story behind Veekee James, from tailor to global designer.

Who is VJ?

Veekee James: Local Tailor to Global Designer

If any of you know me, you’ll know how much I talk about comfortability in fashion. However, there is also the aspect of feeling good about what you wear. My mom knows I do not wear any outfit I do not feel good in; it just messes up the whole purpose of an event. That’s why, when I saw that one of the visions of the Veekee James brand was the art of sculpting the feminine body in dresses, I knew I had to learn more about her.

Ruth Erikan James, popularly known as Veekee James, is a 27-year-old fashion designer. Veekee was born and raised in Ajegunle, Lagos, Nigeria. She wasn’t always a fashion designer from the start, but she definitely had a passion for it. One thing Veekee James was, however, was the first daughter of her mother, who in fact was a tailor at the time. We can therefore say she developed this passion while watching her mother work.

She, like many other children, passed through primary and secondary school and indeed went to the university to study biochemistry. Yes, guys, a science course. But unlike many people who completed their studies for their first degree, VJ decided to cut things short and go in pursuit of her greater dream. Which was to be a fashion designer.

Honestly, I do not know where she got the zeal to just up and leave, and while some people would have crashed under that kind of pressure, Veekee prospered. Although she has stated in interviews that dropping out may/should not be the best choice because she also advocates for quality education,.

Veekee James: Local Tailor to Global Designer

What inspires me about Veekee James is the fact that she didn’t think she would be a fashion designer in the early parts of her life. Nope; in fact, she said in an interview with Punch that she thought she would be a make-up artist or a hairstylist.

About the Brand

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The Veekee James brand started in late 2018 after she moved to Lagos. She said she got the brand name by simply praying about it because she wanted something different and international. In addition, Veekee James caters to work, events, and bridal pieces, sculpting them to fit the feminine figure.


The brand features enhanced hips with snatched waistlines, delicate/beautiful beading, and opulent fabrics and designs. They ensure their clients look and feel confident and beautiful in their designs.


What do they offer?

Veekee James design 1 Veekee James design 2 Veekee James design 3 Veekee James design 4 Veekee James design 4Veekee James design 5 Veekee James design 6

Veekee James is recognized for its bridal wear, designer dresses, men’s wear, fittings, and so much more. They are also known for capturing the feminine body into any body shape, thereby making women of any size look and feel confident in their outfits. Yes guys, they don’t just do dresses for award shows but also for any event. If you don’t believe me, then check out their Instagram page on Shoperikan.

Veekee James designs have been worn by top celebrities such as Funke Akindele, Osas Ighodaro, Toke Makinwa, Tomike Adeoye, and Uche Montana, to name a few. Now, I have also always wondered how her husband, Femi Atere, managed to look so good in designed outfits. It turns out that Veekee James also designs his outfits sometimes. Yep, not only does she design dresses for ladies but also menswear, which brought about her sub-brand, GENTS or VJ MAN. 

Awards won

She’s not just any designer but an award-winning designer. Her brand has exceeded the normalcy of just having one or two awards to their names. Veekee James is an award-winning brand that attributes its ability to making its clients feel luxurious in just their outfits.

She won their first award in 2021, receiving the fashion stylist of the year honor at the Sugar Awards. In 2022, they won the best designer award at the AMVCA and the Fashion designer of the year award at the Herconomy Awards. In 2023, they won the Prize for fashion award at the Future Awards Africa. Not just that, but also the best stylist award at the Readers Choice Awards. They also won the bridal fashion designer brand of the year award at the La Mode Awards.

In Conclusion

Veekee James, who didn’t think she could make a career in fashion design, is now a leading designer with more awards to her name than any other. Speaking in an interview with the Nigerian Tribune, she revealed that negative comments online do affect her. However, she relies on God to provide her with the patience and peace to ignore them. She noted that she has come to understand that people will always talk, so she doesn’t concern herself with their opinions. In addition, she stressed that her focus is on living a life that pleases herself, God, and her family.

What inspires me the most about Veekee James is her confidence in her faith and her work. I believe she has earned the right to brag. This is because, even though she has stepped into international waters, she still remains her humble self. I just love her. Oh and yes, she is married to a very handsome man, Femi Atere ( I think I said that before, right? meh)

To this end, it’s time to say adios, folks, and I wish you a blissful reading, liking, commenting, and sharing a moment (lol).

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