Victorian Fashion

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Victorian Fashion is always and will always be the best fashion in history. The materials of the clothing, the unique style, and the details of every dress are extravagant. It’s the fashion that we wished to wear and celebrate the beauty in it. Though Fashion and Style nowadays are changing yet some of us are still wearing Victorian Fashion whenever there is an event like a Halloween party or a custom party.

Here are the Top 5 Victorian Fashion that celebrities wore in the movie.

Pride & Prejudice: Elizabeth Bennet

Victorian Fashion: Pride & Prejudice

Am pretty sure that you watched this movie, Pride And Prejudice. If you haven’t then you must watch it and get to know Elizabeth Bennet who captured the heart of Mr. Darcy. Keira Knightley who played Elizabeth Bennet wore outfits not as fancy as other celebrities who wore Victorian Style but she has this charisma that Jane Austen stated in the book. The White dress she wore at the dance may be simple and has not had too many details but she looks so beautiful in it. The messy hairstyle suits her innocent aura as well as her natural makeup.

Little Women 1994: Jo March

Victorian Fashion: Little Women 1994

Winona Ryder who played the character of Jo March has the most struggling part in the story. The 1994 Little Women movie moved me unlike the 2019 version of it. The Yellow dress Jo March wore in the movie has a little bit of a touch of vintage and modern based on the low neckline though it’s 1994. It’s a detail that gives the dress a whole new meaning to the character of Jo March as how bubbly she is and what struggle she has been. I love the baby blue belt that matches her yellow dress as well as the hair.

EMMA: Anya Taylor

Victorian Fashion: Emma

Anya Taylor played  Emma Woodhouse who loves to express her judgment to other people. Speaking of judgment, her Fashion and Style are on point! The Victorian Dresses, as well as the hats, suits Anya Taylor’s face and she just gives justice to Jane Austen’s definition of Emma Woodhouse.

Dickinson: Hailee Steinfeld

Victorian Fashion: Dickinson

I’ve been a fan of Emily Dickinson before the Dickinson series happened and just watching the series played by Hailee Steinfeld it’s really different. There is always a ghost bump and you wanted to know more about the life of Emily Dickinson who has this weird imagination of talking to death and all her weirdness it’s very smart. Hailee Steinfeld wore a striped blue dress and it’s a very common dress that everyone usually wore that at home during that time. I think that’s the style of their loungewear before, lol! But it’s unique and a little conservative.

Bridgerton: Daphne Bridgerton

Victorian Fashion: Bridgerton

Duchess of Hastings, Daphne Basset Bridgerton played by Phoebe Dynevor, and her famous blue embroidered flower dress. She always has this demure and innocent character from the beginning which people love and her looks and style wonderfully look good on her as well as her hairstyle and makeup.

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