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Pakistani wedding dresses are well-known throughout the world for their distinct style and vibrant hues. Every year, Asian designers try to come up with something new to meet the traditional desires of Pakistani brides. Although the styles, designs, and colours of Indian or Pakistani bridal gowns are very similar, this is due to ancient cultural similarities.


Brides have a variety of traditional style alternatives when it comes to choosing wedding dresses, particularly mehndi dresses. Other women attending the mehndi have fashionable alternatives as well. Bright lehenga choli and Gharara in mehndi and Mayon, Anarkali frocks, and Angrakha style, for example, are very popular in 2020. We’ve included a couple of mehndi gowns for your consideration. If you need to save money, you can create these gowns yourself.


For the bride, Barat is indeed a very significant day; she likes to look stunning on her wedding day, and she also wants everyone to be watching her. Wedding gowns come in a variety of colours, including red, gold, silver, lime, pastel greenish, pinkish, peach, mint blue, and rust, among others. The bride’s preference for colour and style on her wedding day is quite important. Only you, in my opinion, can choose the ideal colour and style because you are the only one who knows what colour best matches you. Most importantly, which design would be best for your body type and season. In the winter, you can wear a shawl with a lehenga.


In comparison to a Barat or Mehndi day, everyone was relatively comfortable and untroubled. Every girl selects very soft and silky hues on Walima day, which are very comfortable to hold for the bride. Bridal gowns that are light and airy are very popular. Tea rose, rustic greenish, sea green, pastel, mild peach, off white, rose gold, and other colours are popular among brides.


I hope that all of these wedding dresses idea and suggestions will assist you in becoming a more stunning and elegant bride.

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By: Daniyal Khan

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