What are the most expensive wristwatches in the world in 2024

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Clocks have long ceased to serve as just a device for telling time. In the modern world, this is an indicator of wealth and success; the image of a successful person will be incomplete without expensive wristwatches. Now many prestigious brands bring high-quality and stylish products to the market. But there are also special watches – the most expensive and status watches in the world; they amaze the imagination not only with their design but also with their astronomical price.

How much do the world’s most expensive men’s wristwatches of 2021 cost and what do they look like?

Classic wristwatches have not lost their popularity, even though new accessories like the Apple Watch are constantly appearing on sale. Thus, men are still willing to spend a lot of money on expensive accessories that look much more impressive than even the most advanced smartwatches.

World record wristwatch price brand

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Auctions, of course, are far from new, but they are still a popular format that allows you to sell any items at the maximum price. So with wrist accessories, an event called “Only Watch” is held every 2 years, where the world’s largest watch brands and independent artists exhibit their best creations.

Moreover, the auction is charitable, and all proceeds are redirected to a fund to combat the incurable disease Duchenne myopathy. Moreover, the last time such an event was held was in 2019, becoming one of the most successful in the history of the company.

A real record was set by the Patek Philippe wristwatch The Grandmaster Chime Reference 6300A-010 with a steel case. The initial bid for the main lot was 2.5-3 million francs, but in the end, it was bought for 31 million.

Such interest in these watches is truly surprising, especially considering that their case is not made of precious metals. If you take a closer look, the feature of the product lies in its rich functionality and several dials: black and beige.


Top 5 premium wristwatch brands with prices

Every year, dozens of auctions are held around the world, where unique and expensive watches are sold. Based on the results of auctions, experts often compile ratings of the most popular brands, in which the first places are most often occupied by Swiss companies.

So that our TOP 5 does not look too boring, we diluted it with famous German and Japanese brands:

  • Patek Philippe. A Swiss company that produces exclusively luxury watches. You can recognize them by the mark in the form of a cross of the Spanish Order of Calatrava. The body of most products is made of precious materials and is also decorated with diamonds and other stones. They pass through the hands of highly skilled craftsmen who finish every screw and screw. Therefore, Patek Philippe watches are considered the highest quality and most expensive in the world.
  • Rolex. The motto of the Swiss company is stability and reliability. Fans of fancy designs will have to turn their attention to other companies since Rolex only produces classics. The main distinctive characteristics of all the company’s products: are a round case, a high-quality bracelet, a small and laconic dial with 3 hands, a date, and contrasting divisions. The minimum cost of a Swiss watch is 5 thousand euros, and the maximum is 106 thousand euros.
  • Vacheron Constantin. The oldest Swiss company on the watch market, whose history dates back to 1755. The main distinguishing feature of all Vacheron Constantin products was the signature Maltese cross, which was first located inside the case and then acted as a decorative element. The company produces very expensive and exquisite watches, decorated with drawings in the Maki-e style (oriental lacquer painting technique). Their price range varies from 11 thousand to 675 thousand euros.
  • A. Lange & Sohne. The German company produces super-premium products that are popular all over the world. The brand has several distinctive features: the product is made of precious metals and unusual leather for straps (crocodile and alligator), a date indicator on the dial, as well as a unique mechanism – a spring in the shape of a swan neck and engraving on the balance bridges. The minimum cost of the product is 15 thousand euros, the maximum is 280 thousand.
  • Grand Seiko. The Japanese company creates truly high-quality, durable, and precise products. Their calling card is that, despite the features of the model, they are always hand-assembled by the most highly qualified professionals. On the clasp, you can find an engraving in the form of two capital letters of the brand name “GS”.

Of course, the ranking may be missing other luxury brands. But there are enough companies in the world that produce truly high-quality and unique products, so it is difficult to list them all.

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The most expensive women’s wristwatches of 2021

Representatives of the fair sex have increased demands on the products that will end up on their hands. They must be of high quality, elegant, and beautiful, fully complying with all newfangled trends.

The TOP 3 most expensive women’s watches in the world include:

  • Graff Hallucination – $55 million. The platinum bracelet is decorated with a scattering of rare colored diamonds of 110 carats.
  • Graff Diamonds The Fascination – $40 million. A truly luxurious watch with a diamond bracelet.
  • Cartier Secret – $27 million. An unusual piece of white gold in the shape of a bird. The decoration will please even the most demanding women.

The only problem is that only a few can afford to purchase such products.

How to choose a luxury accessory

Every man dreams of an expensive watch that will emphasize his status. But you need to understand that an accessory with a gold bracelet will look out of place in the gym and vice versa, and a sports model will surprise your partners during a business meeting. It is better to have several products in the collection that are suitable for different occasions.


The first is always presented in luxury watches, emphasizing the status of the owner. It is durable and repairable. But such a mechanism also costs a lot. Quartz watches do not require winding, but the service life of such a product is much shorter and it is much more difficult to repair them. Therefore, without a doubt, branded watches will be equipped with mechanics.

Special attention should be paid to the strap, which can be metal or leather. If the manufacturer used gold or platinum, as well as a rare type of leather (reptile, ostrich, stingray), then such a product really deserves attention.

If we talk about coating, the best one today is sapphire crystal. It is not exposed to external factors, so the accessory will last a long time. The leading brands in the world of watches are sure to equip their best models with an arrow dial, which is so loved by the powers that be.

But this is not all that luxury products should have. Alarm clock, chronograph, backlight, water protection, power reserve indicator, etc. – there really are a lot of options. And if you want to purchase not just an expensive, but a truly luxury item, then you should pay attention to the features listed above.

Are Swiss wristwatches the best?

Every person knows about the positive reputation of Swiss watches, which has developed over the centuries. All products bearing the Swiss-made mark are handcrafted by first-class craftsmen.

It can take up to 20 months to create one such copy, but you certainly won’t have to doubt its quality and reliability. It is important to note that Swiss watches mostly consist of parts produced in-house, undergoing thorough technical testing by qualified Swiss experts.

And the last thing I want to say is the durability of Swiss products. Only a diamond can cause significant damage to them. Comparing all the listed features, we can safely say that the “Swiss Made” mark speaks of the first-class quality of the watch.

For several centuries now, watch companies have been surprising their customers with unusual creations. Men prefer quality products that are distinguished by precision and functionality. The only problem is that their cost sometimes exceeds tens of millions of dollars.

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