What do beautiful feet look like?

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I love my feet getting attention, and using them to tease and turn people on. Yes. I use my foot beauty to attract attention. It’s so much fun lol. A lot of my friends have said I have really cute feet and offered to massage them for me, so naturally, I’ve fooled around with a few of them. Right now one of my best guy friends just broke up with his girlfriend recently, and he’s been giving me foot massages through the evening walking on slippers alone so that people can get notice my beautiful feet. Well, that sounds nice but it does not entirely make a happy living.

How much do you care about your beautiful feet?

All kinds of feet are meant to be cared for. Really. In my case I like anyone who has some smooth & gentle feet.. the smaller they are the cuter they are. But I don’t obsess over feet either it’s just nice to look at and touch. That’s just my preference, other men probably have different opinions.

beautiful feet

Women’s feet, I would say. If a man is attracted to a woman, he will likely be attracted to all parts of her body, including her feet. Remember, I said likely, not definitely. I suppose some women have feet that may be less than perfect, but they can still be thought of as targets of affection or erotic desire, assuming the woman is amenable.

Women mostly take care of their body, look, and fashion more than men in this age. To care for your feet simply mean that you are you take the time to cut the nails every time and also apply good and lovely body cream to steam the body texture.

What is God’s idea of beautiful feet?

“How beautiful upon the mountain is the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace.” Isaiah.

The idea of God is about the beautiful make and the people around him God. The peacemaker does not only make peace but goes about teaching other people to do likewise. I think that God’s philosophy about peace is more different, and we can all learn from this piece to start good and teach people to do the same thing.

The gospel of peace to God is a message about the peace offering of the Lord Jesus. His blood is a sacrifice for the world with God. Anyone that accepts this peace offer by obeying the word of God through Christ makes peace everywhere.


The physical appearance of your feet meant nothing to God, nevertheless, you need to care for your body to avoid rejection and shame when you are required to speak to a host of people, or among friends.

dirty beautiful feet

Do you know that truthfulness makes a man have peace with God and the people in his community? You can just begin to think or remember the happiness that makes your heart when anyone tells the truth in the name of peace. Yes. Truth makes you feel on top of the world and shine forth.

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