What do colours say about you?

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Colours have a secret world of their own. Let’s explore what each colour has to say about you.

Many people dismiss the psychological impact of colours because they see it only as a physical phenomenon. They have the potential to alter our state of mind, shape our actions, and cause us to rethink long-held beliefs. One may learn much about a person’s character just by learning what colour they prefer. Your preferred colour scheme says much about who you are, whether you’re drawn to cool blues or fiery reds. Here’s a glimpse into the fascinating language of colours.




The Deep Blues

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If you’re looking for a colour that is both global and classic, then the answer might be blue. People who like this hue have an innate sense of spirituality, which connects them with deeper presences in life; they also possess artistic talent! This group tends towards being spiritual but not necessarily religious because many find it easier than believing certain things without seeing evidence firsthand or experiencing firsthand what these beliefs entail (for example, prayer). They’re highly imaginative AND friendly, making connections between different ideas, and easygoing while still maintaining emotional intelligence, so one doesn’t sound too dramatic when talking through complex concepts.

The Fiery Red

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The colour red is often associated with passion, enthusiasm, and anger. It’s not surprising that those who love this fiery tone are Hot-headed people with short fuses because of their natural hot-headedness combined with ambition which can lead them to do things rashly. Still, when they want something good enough, there isn’t anything stopping them from achieving their goal, even if it takes many tries.

The Pink Passion

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Those who love pink are often considered delicate creatures with gentle hearts. These people want nothing more than comfort and security, which they find in the arms of someone willing enough to protect them from all harm on earth or within themselves. Those who prefer this colour also don’t seem interested in chaos unless it contains kindnesses like romance, language arts, dance, fitness cooking, etc.

The Green Grandeur

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If you’re drawn to green, your world likely runs on emotions. You’re not afraid of being vulnerable, but have superb control over negative thoughts and feelings. Hence, they are not too overwhelmed and are loyal friends or family members who will be supportive when times get tough, which is why these types make great additions to our lives!

The Sizzling Yellow

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Those who love yellow are happy, friendly people with an optimistic outlook on life. They make others feel like anything is possible and that they don’t take themselves too seriously, making them great company!

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The Black Magic

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Black is a powerful colour that can represent confidence and purpose. Those who prefer it have a flair for entrepreneurship, as well as they should because this hue has been associated with harshness! However, not all black people are mean or threatening. Those owning up loads of style know-how effectively using dark tones in your wardrobe will make you feel confident AND stylish.

The White Elegance

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Those who love white are pure to the bone. They never overstep boundaries and always strive for the right thing. It may be considered a plain colour, but those that prefer it possess an interesting quality of wisdom not seen often in society. Their strong convictions make them stand out among others with different views on what’s acceptable or enjoyable!

Colours don’t speak, but their silence says it all. Wear your favourite or choose the colour of your choice for the interiors and let them tell the world who you are.

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By Nudrat Fatima 

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