What Do Men Prefer Most To A Woman?

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When it comes to woman’s way of dressing up. Men have a lot to say. If it’s simple they know what to tell you and if it’s sexy they’ll probably be good at making magic words to tickle your heart.  Nevertheless, what do men prefer most to a woman? A simple or a sexy one?

I always have a definition of being ‘Simple’ since we have different ways of simplicity. The first one;

* Men Prefer Comfortable Type of Girl

What Do Men Prefer Most To A Woman? Comfortable
comfy outfit 1
comfy outfit 2

What I mean about this is a girl who loves wearing denim jeans, leggings, shorts, a T-shirt, a tank top, polo shirts, and other comfortable clothing out there. 

* Men Prefer an Always Ready To Go Type

What Do Men Prefer Most To A Woman? Always Ready
Always ready

There are girls who have a mindset of the “always on the go” kind. Mostly they wear casual yet formal and simple clothes that will make them comfortable and easy to move and since I quoted them as a ‘ready to go’ woman most of their clothes are something that they can easily change if there’s a last-minute invitation like wide-leg pants and a suit yet underneath is a bralette or a sexy tank top. Another one is a dress paired with an oversized coat so if you want to have dinner after you could remove the coat and slay with your fitted dress.

This is a style of most simple women would prefer to wear. But of course, the ‘simple’ word is a vague word to explain. so here are the different outfit ideas a woman and a man would prefer.

Men Prefer a Fashionista Woman

What Do Men Prefer Most To A Woman? Fashionista

We are all fashionistas in every way but there is a woman who loves to wear clothes layer-on layer and wear a lot of jewelry to express their selves more and although it sounds extremely over-dressed admit it, they look good on it and I hope I look good as how beautifully perfect they are in dressing up on a layer on layer style.

A Ball Kind of Girl

What Do Men Prefer Most To A Woman? A ball kind of girl

Is it just me who noticed that are women who love to wear a ball dress on a dinner date, lunch date, or wherever she goes? Comment down below if you know someone. I mean it’s cute and stylish, especially on heels but for me, it’s too formal for a ‘party-ish’ kind of outfit. Nevertheless, this look is cute for a date. 

What else did I miss? And oh! What do you think a man would prefer when it comes to a woman’s outfit?

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