What Exactly is Cottagecore Aesthetic?

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What is Cottagecore Aesthetic

Cottagecore aesthetic tends to fall into either a hyper-feminine, modernized interpretation of historical fashion or a more practical and cozy outfit that includes elements of fantasy. It has influenced other aesthetics like the Soft girl aesthetic.

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Cottagecore is an aesthetic and fashion style inspired by romanticized rural and farm lifestyles. It explores and draws inspiration from the existence of witches, gnomes, or fairies. The concept of Cottagecore is focused on ideas of a simple life in harmony with nature.


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The colors associated with Cottagecore tend to be naturally occurring or faded colors, including brown, baby pink, olive green, ivory, maroon, beige, ochre, dusty rose pink, light yellow, and baby blue, and the fabric most often associated with Cottagecore are cotton, linens, knitted yarn, etc.


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Why is cottagecore popular? 

The modern embodiment of Cottagecore describes a world that exists almost exclusively online fetishizing the countryside and coziness over the past few hundred years. The pandemic also contributed to making it a popular aesthetic as everyone wanted to feel closer to nature as an escape from many forms of stress.

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The Cottagecore movement has an individual’s wellness and sustainability as its core value and attempts to assuage burnout with a passive enjoyment of life’s mundane tasks. It is not only limited to Fashion but is a lifestyle that includes simple at-home or farm-like activities such as cooking and embroidery.

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