What To Wear On Academic Break

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The academic break is the most awaited time in my college life. We usually call it a “semester break”. It is the time wherein we can have a week or two of a break from academics and just chill and enjoy the quick break.  And these are the things we usually do to celebrate our short academic break. Of course, it would not be complete without the OOTD Lists.


Who among you here does not do a party for an academic break? It’s a celebration of a short semester break so enjoy it and have fun! And since it’s a party of course you must wear an outfit appropriate for the party. Here are a few parties look outfit ideas.

Beach/ Pool Party: Bikini on Skirt Cover-Up Outfit Idea


May not be the best outfit for a beach and pool party but I know this style is the most common outfit. A swimsuit with a skirt cover-up. It is easy to throw up whenever you feel like going to the beach and having fun with the water.

Dress Beach/ Pool Party Outfit Idea


Dress style on a beach or a pool party is my taste of choice. You can still wear a swimsuit underneath just in case you decided to swim. A silk dress or a sunny palm dress is a perfect style for a beach and pool party look.

Out Of Town Trip

A town trip is my favorite thing to relax my mind and my body from all the stress to school. With all the school work and personal things I have, an out-of-town trip is such a big help to calm my mental and emotional health. It also gives me a new idea whenever I’m on a new adventure or I’m traveling. Here are a few outfit ideas you might love to wear on your next out-of-town trip.

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The two-piece maxi skirt set



I’m not into wearing a skirt whenever I travel but I always love the idea of wearing a two-piece maxi skirt set. It’s very casual and ladylike.

 Crop Top & Trousers Outfit Idea


There is no better outfit than this crop top & trousers look for an out-of-town trip. Would you agree with me? Aside from its comfy, you can move easily with this style and it has a very tourist vibe. 

Dress For Out-Of-Town Outfit Idea


The out-of-town trip outfit idea is not that hard. If you have an old dress in your closet, grab it and pack it with you because that will surely complete the OOTD lists! A dress is easy to pair with anything and it is appropriate for wherever you want to go. Just make sure to choose the best and most comfortable dress so that you will enjoy your trip more.


Who among you here experienced a staycation for the whole semester break? 🙌 I know I’m not the only one so high five for that! But hey! Staycation is not a bad idea. You can spend more time with your family and you can do a lot of things at home like reading books, organizing your room, learning to bake, helping your mom in the garden and cooking, practicing some new things that you want to try on like designing a dress, paintings, photography and whatever you have in mind. Use the time to learn new things while you’re on a staycation. And since you are just at home, here are some of the outfit ideas you could wear daily.

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