Why Chemical Instead of Natural Beauty Products?

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Nowadays, women and man are more into buying products no matter what it costs instead of doing a healthy mix of ingredients at home. Why? Because they think it’s better and because they are too lazy to use natural beauty products.

But be AWARE!


Natural = safe, healthy, normal and the way things are supposed to be

Chemical = unnatural, cancer-causing, poisonous, dangerous, untested and unsafe

Chemical Skincare Products

Your chemical based products are made up of synthetic and chemical ingredients. Even though some of the chemicals make the product more effective, it increases the chances of you developing skin allergies, rashes, irritations and side effects. The chemicals used are often very harsh on the skin and too abrasive for people with sensitive skin.

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Natural Skincare Products

Your natural based skincare products are made up of non-artificial ingredients such as oils, plants, fruit extracts and fruit acids. These elements of the skincare product are known to nourish and treat your skin in a natural way. Most of your natural products are high in anti-oxidants. They assist your body in slowing down the ageing process which creates a younger, vibrant looking skin.

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The main differences between chemical and natural based products

  • The chemicals and synthetic ingredients are likely to cause skin allergies and reactions.
  • Has a longer shelf life due to the preservatives in the products.
  • Can be toxic to the skin depending on the ingredients.
  • Damages your skin when used long term and depletes the skin’s natural Elastin production.
  • Not safe to use on sensitive skin types or on children.
  • Results are seen in a shorter period of time however, the effects are not long-lasting.


  • Better for your skin and is not likely to cause skin allergies.
  • The shelf life decrease as the product is natural and does not contain parabens.
  • Not toxic to the skin.
  • Helps your skin slow down the aging process due to the anti-oxidants in the product.
  • Safe to use on children and people with sensitive skin
  • Results take longer to see however, it is longer lasting.

Importance Of Skincare


To Conclude

I always tell my clients that your body is natural so it will respond better to natural products rather than chemical-based products. Once they move onto natural-based skincare products, their skin looks healthier and stays healthier for longer.
Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It is of the utmost importance that we take extra care of our skin and treat it properly. More and more people are becoming more conscious of what type of food we put into our bodies and making sure that we do enough steps per day to keep our hearts healthy but we tend to forget about our skin.
We want something that will fix our skin now and we do not worry about the long-term effects. The same attitude we have towards our diets, we should have towards our skin.
Whether it is a body lotion, face wash, anti-aging serums or acne routines, your skin absorbs over half of the product we put onto it. Why do we punish our skin by exposing it to toxins that will damage it? What type of product do you use today? What type of product will you use tomorrow?

You now have all the tools you need to make an informed decision about which skincare products you are going to buy and why.

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