Why Every Man Needs a Shearling Sheepskin Coat This Winter

Men's sheepskin coat
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Men’s sheepskin coat


Men's sheepskin coat
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Make the right choice

You need to choose a men’s sheepskin coat by following a few simple rules: determine the style of the clothes that you already have; analyze your lifestyle to choose the appropriate length of the product; try on a sweater or suit. In this review, we will take a closer look at men’s preferences and together we will choose a suitable sheepskin coat.

Choosing the style of a men’s sheepskin coat

Classic sheepskin coats, as well as bomber jackets and leather jackets, are the leaders in men’s preferences

Men’s fashion offers many style solutions. The most common variants of winter men’s sheepskin coats are in the classic style. We recommend that those for whom an office suit is a daily norm take a closer look at the classic models. A sheepskin coat to mid-thigh will completely hide the jacket underneath, will go well with elegant shoes, and will be an ideal solution for those who want to emphasize their social status.

Bombers are the second most popular option for winter outerwear. Men’s sheepskin coats in the style of American pilots can often be seen both on residents of Moscow and on Parisians, Londoners, and New Yorkers. The world fame has a good reason: the bomber jacket was originally designed as a warm, extremely practical winter jacket made of warm sheepskin for pilots. It is convenient for a modern man to drive a car in it; it does not limit the range of movements. At the same time, the style emphasizes the shoulder line, visually expands it, and makes even a youthful figure more masculine. Individual decorative elements – belts, flaps, straps – are usually made of leather and, in contrast to the soft fur velour, add a touch of brutality. The model is suitable for any age, for which it has been loved by several generations of men.

Biker jackets are the choice of the young and active. Styled like a motorcycle jacket, this men’s shearling coat will look great paired with jeans and heavy-duty combat boots for a casual outfit. The original cut attracts attention and forms a classic male silhouette: narrow hips and wide shoulder girdle.

Choosing the length

Men’s sheepskin coats in various lengths for different lifestyles


Length is a fairly important aspect that requires special attention. Men’s sheepskin coats that are too short are good and comfortable, but they cannot protect against winter frosts, and they are becoming more severe every year not only in London but throughout Europe. Short clothing will be a good choice for those who travel in their own car, as well as for residents of the southern regions, or for those who purchase an item in addition to existing, warmer winter wardrobe items.

Too long men’s sheepskin coats interfere with movement. However, in conditions of a long stay in the open air, it will be indispensable, the only thing that can protect against the cold.

For those who spend approximately the same amount of time driving and walking, we advise you to opt for the golden mean: a model that will match your personal level of frost resistance and everyday habits.

Color range of men’s sheepskin coats

The color range is amazing in its diversity

What should you prefer, men’s sheepskin coats in practical dark tones, a classic reddish color, or an extravagant color? The answer to this question will require an excursion into technological nuances. The smallest defects are visible on light fur velour. It is useless to hope that they will not exist, but it will be quite difficult to notice them in high-quality products from well-known manufacturers.

However, the streets of London and other cities of the country are poorly cleaned in winter, which makes life very difficult for owners of light-colored winter clothing. At the same time, stains from reagents are difficult to remove even by dry cleaning. A film coating can be a salvation for some; you can read about how and what a sheepskin coat is made of on our website. But it will not be the solution to all problems. Unfortunately, it is the questionable cleanliness of the streets that makes us come to the conclusion that a light-colored men’s sheepskin coat is unlikely to become a basic item in a winter wardrobe.

Men wearing a sheepskin coat
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Before you buy men’s sheepskin coats in reddish shades, you should remember that they evoke associations with country style and require an appropriate wardrobe. Not every clothing goes well with this color, so if you don’t know how to combine shades yourself, you should think twice about it. Dark things are truly the most practical. They are in harmony with the vast majority of styles, with clothes in any color scheme. Stains and splashes on them are less noticeable, but abrasions that occur over time from contact with a seat belt, bag, or backpack will be visible quite clearly.



Luxurious fur trim will not leave you without the attention of the ladies.

Luxurious furs are not just a woman’s prerogative. Men’s sheepskin coats, photos of which you are now seeing, are becoming more and more common, with a beautiful trim made of raccoon, coyote, wolf, and even sable fur. Undoubtedly, fur gives the image completeness, and solidity, and makes it stand out from the crowd. For branded items, high-quality furs are used, usually purchased at prestigious fur auctions. However, you have to pay for everything: excellent finishing not only increases the cost of the item but also adds hassle to care.


We check the fit, sleeve length, comfort of movement

Common sense dictates that trying on winter outerwear has its own rules. But, despite all the advice and instructions for determining the size, there are still many who, when buying a men’s sheepskin coat in the summer, discover in the winter that it is too small. And all because the fitting was carried out over thin summer clothes. Winter clothes are thicker, and the extra centimeters gained in this way interfere with a good fit and freedom of movement.

In order not to experience negative emotions, try on a men’s sheepskin coat with the clothes you will wear with a sweater, cardigan, or business suit. When trying it on, listen to your feelings, and try to adequately assess the comfort of the product. To do this, you need to move a little: stretch your arms forward, and up, and try to turn back. When moving, clothes should not warp. The hood should not pull back. If you raise one hand up, the shoulder of the second hand should not rise or move out of place – this is evidence of a bad cut, and you should refuse to buy such an item.

In order to find something that really suits you, you need to take the time and go to specialized boutiques that offer branded men’s sheepskin coats or scroll through the catalog of an online store. Before doing this, you need to listen to your desires and weigh your needs and possibilities. After such mental preparation, it will be easier for you to decide on the length, style, style, presence or absence of fur trim – it is easier to search for a specific model, and an organized search allows you to save a lot of time and protect yourself from impulsive purchases.

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