Why Is A Ruby Bracelet A Perfect Choice For You?

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“Red is always a step ahead”. There is no exaggeration in calling red the king of colors and ruby the king of gemstones. Many things make ruby a perfect choice for jewels. There can be many jewelry options for a ruby lover. You can choose ruby to adorn your fingers, neckline, wrist, and earlobes. Many couples opt for ruby for their engagement rings and many individuals experience the astrological benefits of ruby. Ruby has a preference for celebrities and aristocrats. So it is a gemstone worth trying, but which jewel should you choose? If you do not have to choose it for any specific occasion, such as an engagement, then you should go for a bracelet. In this article, we will discuss two major aspects in detail. One is why a ruby bracelet is a perfect pick to fulfill your accessorizing needs and the other is why you should choose ruby to adorn your bracelet. So let us begin without any delay.

What Makes a Ruby Bracelet A Perfect Accessory

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As we have already discussed, a bracelet is an evergreen accessory, so let us find out what makes it perfect for all occasions.

a. It Can Accommodate Many Gemstones

Sometimes you love a gemstone so much that just one or two are not enough for you. A ring can hold one or a few gemstones and all of them cannot be big. This is where the bracelet comes into the picture. It is a perfect way to keep a bunch of your favorite gemstones close to your heart.

b. It Can Be A Unisex Accessory

Why should women have all the fun? Well, a bracelet delights everyone. You can find bracelets for both men and women. Some of them are unisex which means you and your significant other can exchange and pair them with different outfits.

c. It Can Be Your Jewel For All Occasions

A bracelet is a jewel that is not bound by the occasion. In other words, we can say that it is a jewel for all occasions. When you purchase a bracelet, you purchase an accessory that will serve your accessorizing needs for all occasions. You can pair a bracelet with a formal business suit and even with a beach outfit. So wherever you go, a ruby stone bracelet keeps your style level up.

d. It Is A Perfect Way To Flaunt Gemstone

Flaunting a precious gemstone has always been the secondary purpose of owning gemstone jewelry. A bracelet perfectly serves this purpose and owning a bracelet means you can afford many gemstones and not just one. It means that you can afford many gemstones of any kind. This is how a bracelet loudly speaks the tale of your luxury.

What Makes Ruby A Perfect Gemstone For Bracelet

This is where the most interesting part of the write-up begins. Ruby is already a favorite gemstone of many of us. Most of us have seen its usage in many other jewels. It is quite obvious that ruby is a perfect gemstone to adorn jewels but what makes it a perfect gemstone for a bracelet? Well, let’s find it out.


a. It Has A Bold Color

The red color of ruby has always been a heart stealer for many. In some mythological beliefs, red is considered a color of good vibes and love. You can experience the universal supremacy of red while looking at the rising sun. Scientifically, red has the maximum wavelength, which means it can be visible from a long distance. All these factors make Ruby a bold and beautiful choice for bracelets.

b. It Has Good Hardness

Who wants a brittle gemstone for jewels? No one, ruby has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness which means it is quite durable and cannot be easily scratched with objects of daily use. In our day-to-day lives, we use our hands to accomplish all our tough and routine tasks. There are chances that your bracelet can be scratched or damaged. Ruby adds durability to your bracelet with its extraordinary hardness and you do not have to take your bracelet off for your day-to-day activities.

c. It Is A Symbol Of Luxury

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From many crowns and tiaras to your wrist, Ruby states many tales of luxury. Wearing a ruby bracelet is not just wearing an accessory, it is about wearing a symbol of luxury. In a professional meeting or at a party, ruby emerald cut bracelets will keep you in the limelight. You can choose a ruby tennis bracelet for a casual outing and an emerald-cut ruby bracelet will elevate your look in a formal meeting.

d. It Has Many Other Add-on Benefits

Ruby is the birthstone for July but its benefits are not limited to only those born in July. Ruby also has many add-on benefits. According to Indian astrology, it is considered to be associated with the sun which is the ruler of all planets. A ruby stone bracelet can change your life by empowering the sun element. This results in boosting confidence and intellect levels. Ruby has many other healing properties as well, it works as a healer for many chronic diseases. In the 16th century, ruby was considered an antidote for some poisons.

How To Get A Ruby Bracelet For The Best Price:

After knowing about the glory of the ruby bracelet you may be eager to buy one for yourself or your loved one. These tips will help you to get a ruby bracelet at the best price. A natural ruby bracelet is going to be expensive because of multiple ruby gemstones studded in it, so it is better to wait for the sale and get it from a reputable jewelry seller. If your eyes are stuck on an expensive bracelet, then you should try to find the option of purchasing it in easy installments.

It’s time for the conclusion before the credits; here is a quick teaser of our next sequel. Have you ever thought about what kind of bracelet will go well with your personality? Well, you will find the answers in our upcoming articles soon, till then stay tuned to our webpage.

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