Why is yellow sapphire so expensive?

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Yellow Sapphire, known as Pukhraj in Hindi, is a gemstone famous for its beauty and astrological significance. This gemstone is not only attractive but its price is also very high. But what is the reason why yellow sapphire is sold so expensive? Let us try to understand the major factors behind this in this article.


The biggest feature of this stone is its rarity. Most of the sapphires found in nature are blue. It is formed when small amounts of iron or titanium are present in aluminum oxide crystals. This small quantity is what makes yellow sapphire rare. The darker and purer the yellow color, the more rare and precious it will be considered.

Four Aspects of Quality

The quality and price of any gemstone are determined based on four major factors, known as 4Cs in English. These four factors are:

Cut: How a gemstone is cut and shaped greatly affects its shine and attractiveness. A well-cut yellow sapphire reflects more light, making it appear more dazzling. Gems with such cuts cost more.

Clarity: The blemishes, cracks, or other imperfections present in the gemstone are called clarity. The cleaner and purer the gem is, the more valuable it will be. Clear sapphires are very rare, but a sapphire with minimal imperfections can command a higher price.

Color: The depth and purity of the color of this yellow stone play an important role in determining its price. The most valuable pukhraj stones are those whose color is canary yellow or honey yellow. Light yellow or brownish-yellow sapphires are of low value.

Carat Weight: The greater the weight of the gemstone, the higher its price. Large-size yellow sapphires, especially deep and clear yellow sapphires, are very rare and hence their prices can skyrocket.

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The place of origin of this stone also affects its price. Sri Lanka is traditionally considered the source of the finest yellow sapphires. Apart from this, these stones are also obtained from Thailand, Australia, and Kashmir (India), but their quality is different from that of Sri Lankan yellow sapphires.


These stones are sometimes treated to enhance their color and clarity. Treated gems are generally less valuable than natural gems. Therefore, when purchasing this stone it is important to know whether the gemstone has been treated or not.

Astrological Significance

According to astrological belief, wearing the Yellow Sapphire brings auspiciousness to Jupiter, giving the person knowledge, wisdom, wealth, and prosperity. This is the reason why people interested in astrology consider it auspicious to wear yellow sapphire, due to which its demand increases and its price also becomes higher.


Yellow Sapphire’s rarity, various aspects of quality (cut, clarity, color, and carat weight), place of origin, treatment history, and astrological significance – all these factors together determine its high price. If you want a gemstone that is beautiful and has astrological significance, then Yellow Sapphire can be a good choice, but keep in mind that its price can be relatively high compared to other gemstones.

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