5 Body Types And Some Fashion Tips

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Each person’s body shape is unique. Genetics, evolution, and other factors influence the structure of your body. You should be conscious of your body form as a woman and dress appropriately.

Here are some fashion tips for five distinct body types.

1. Apple body type:

Your upper half (bust and waistline) is wider than your lower half if you have an apple body type (hips and legs). To draw attention to your bustline, try V-neck tops, ruffles, and empire-waist gowns.

Low or mid-rise pants with a bell bottom or straight leg can help you achieve a more balanced image.


2. Pear body type:

Your hips are the widest part of your body if you have a pear body type. With high-waisted pants or skirts, you may flaunt your defined waistline and curvaceous lower half.


Try a shoulder-defining jacket, a puff-sleeve blouse, or a strapless top to balance your proportions by directing focus to your top half.


3. Rectangle body type:

A rectangle body type has hips and busts that are roughly the same width as the waist.

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To create an hourglass form, try peplum shirts, off-the-shoulder tops, plunging necklines, and belts.


4. Hourglass body type:

You have a defined waist and the fullest part of your bust is roughly the same width as your hips if you have an hourglass body type. High-waisted slacks with a belt, crop tops, and bodycon all bring attention to your slim waist.


5. Inverted Triangle Body Type:

The inverted triangular body shape is defined by broad shoulders and an upper body that is wider than the lower body. Experiment with A-line dresses, which create volume in the lower half of the body, to offer balance to your style.


Which of these body types is your favorite?

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By Ijeoma Anyah

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