5 Elements That Make a Nautical Outfit

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Nautical outfits are taking over this summer because why not? This is a versatile look that can be worn anywhere from the office to casual events and yes, you have guessed that right, lounging on a yacht. If you are also going after a preppy look, these ideas will suit you.

Taking inspiration from maritime aesthetics, the fashion capsule related to this could mean embarking on new journeys and adventures. Below are the key things that make a look nautical.

There is a color play abetweenblue, white and red. NA nautical outfit is never without this palette. It can be navy blue, light blue or plain blue with white, or both with the presence of red. A scarf tied at the neck made the outfit trés chic.

Nautical Outfit 1

There is the presence of stripes. No matter how simple and basic the lines may seem, there is always something attention-grabbing with this print. In addition to the nautical outfit color palette above, you may use black and white stripes. And did I say that you can match this up with a pair of boat shoes?

Nautical Outfit 2

There is a statement collar that has many variations. One is like a necktie and the other resembles a Peter Pan collar but much bigger, and sometimes it goes all the way to the back. You may opt to wear a top with a skirt or a dress altogether.

Nautical Outfit 3

You can be literal and hunt for nautical outfit fashion pieces with anchor prints or boats or even the sea. To avoid looking over the top do not wear more than two nautical pieces in your attire.

Nautical Outfit 4

Accents like rope or knots for the belt and gold buttons on the jacket will complete the whole nautical ensemble. Subtly incorporate these details with the other elements provided above. You may also focus on footwear by wearing canvas shoes or espadrilles.

Keep in mind that Nautical Fashion is about being and looking fresh and feeling comfortable in what you wear. Take note of these and you will be on your way to pursuing a true blue seafaring fashion flair.

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