5 Reasons Why Men are Easily Attracted to Women in High Heels

why men are attracted to ladies wearing high heels
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High Heels are fast becoming a basic need. I have been longing to write an article on why men easily fall for ladies in heels and here is a perfect opportunity. Welcome to Our Fashion Passion Website. I am glad that you are reading this article. Scientific research done by key media houses in the world has proven that a significant number of men find ladies who wear high heels more attractive and sexy. Researchers from across the globe have proven that men easily get attracted to ladies who wear high heels. What could be the reason for that? Well, join me in the subsequent paragraphs below as we try to solve that puzzle.

Reasons why Men are Easily attracted to Women in High heels.

1. Men are attracted to ladies who were high heels due to the shape formed as a result of the shoe effect

I know it’s quite hard to understand but let me explain. Researchers say that High heels make a woman arch her back, a signal that looks attractive in the eyes of men as dictated by psychology.

woman in red high heels

2. Heels bring out an attractive back curving:

According to lead professors from the University of Australia, they argued out that high heels make a lady’s back to be elongated at an angle of 45 degrees. Consequently, they proved that men were most attracted to women with a back at 45 degrees above the top of her bottom.

woman in black high heels

3. High heels make a woman’s legs look longer than they are

Men have, in the past, confessed that longer legs are more attractive than shorter ones. More reasons why Tall models are the best suited for modeling than shorter ladies. Height is such a key factor as far as attracting men is concerned.

woman in high heels

4. High heels make legs appear thinner and longer than they are

When a lady wears high heels, the muscles of the legs contract thus making the legs look thinner. We all know that thinner legs are sexier in front of the eyes of men as compared to fat legs. When the legs get thinner and taller, psychology says that men perceive such things as sexually stimulating.

woman in red high heels 2

5. Power and Confidence:

It’s true to say that women in high heels feel more powerful and confident than those in flat shoes. Let me explain how that concept makes men get attracted to them. Confidence and courage in ladies in a turn-on to some men. Men are attracted to power, to confidence.

why men are attracted to ladies wearing high heels


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