51 really? 7 Curvy Outfits by Gabrielle Union Defying her Age

Gabrielle Union sexy dress
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Gabrielle has always been a top model when it comes to fashion and styles. She has been a confident model when it comes to design choices as well as fashion looks. She has the best taste in fashion and designs that have led her to make incredible choices that have gone viral. She has made great legacies in her 50s and she is still striving effortlessly to create more and more without any tiresome. Here are 7 stunning outfits that are defying her age.

Gabrielle Union pink mini dress

1. Red Carpet Elegance

Despite her age, Gabrielle Union stepped onto the red carpet in a stunning gown that fitted her curves in all directions around her body. She has amazed many during her red-carpet events and has wow-wowed her fans.

Gabrielle Union sexy highslit red carpet dress

2. Chic and Casual

Casual wear has been seen as underrated by most people but Gabrielle proved that it is not the case as most people take it to be it can also turn out to be an admired lookout. She rocked out with a fitting pair of jeans that she matched with a blouse that amazed many.

Gabrielle open cream dress


3. Power of suit perfection

Gabrielle came out with a tailored blouse and a sleek pair of trousers that kicked out any kind of doubt from her fans that suit wear can’t be perfected as casual wear.

4. Effoartless Glamour

Gabrielle Union effortlessly has been making creative attire wear day-in and day-out which is quite a strive despite her age. She wore a cocktail that was perfecting her curves and body shape which was quite an attractive design.

Gabrielle Union sexy dress

5. Athleisure Chic

The athleisure is an outfit that is flattering someone’s curves and stunningly beautiful. Whether Union is in a stylish tracksuit or form-fitting athleisure, she always proves that casual is not about sacrificing styles.

Gabrielle Union side cut green gown

6. Prints and Patterns

Union is confident and free to experiment with bold prints and patterns that fit her curves well. She mostly likes to embrace a floral print dress that embraces her feminity.

Gabrielle Union little dress fashion
Gabrielle Union hot fashion

7. Effortless Street Style

Gabrielle Union’s street style is a classic choice that is the amazing majority and has stunned various people. She has been trending with her stylish maxi dress that is a wow-wow to her fans.

Gabrielle Union bikini



WRITTEN BY: Alex Munene

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