Ready for summer! Inside stephanie hsu’s bikini wardwobe!

Stephanie Hsu black-white dress
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When we talk of summer, we are mostly referring to the hot days with sunshine. Summers are always the best times to embrace your swimwear either on the beach or on any vacation trip. Stephanie has been an inspiration to many with her stylish modern choices that amaze many whenever she embraces herself with them. She is well known for her role in TV shows and Films where she has shocking ideas thus giving her fans as well as followers the best entertainment they need. She also became a fashion icon more specifically on the beachwear choices. Here are Stephanie’s stunning bikini wardrobe choices.

Stephanie Hsu incredible brown mini dress

1. Classic Chic

Stephanie has the best taste of choice when it comes to classic ordinary wear. She took out herself with a classic bikini that was quite a surprise to many. This look is a simple yet amazing design that anyone can wish to have. For sure black color will always result in an amazing look that will remain admirable by the majority.

2. Bold Prints

Stephanie is always confident with having bold prints worn and with this spirit she has made legacies with her look choices. She turned off from tropical prints to animal prints where she gets outfits with modernised designs and specific patterns that are said to be attention commenders. The bikini was colorful and had a playful design that perfectly spoke of other lively personalities.

Stephanie Hsu goddess white gown

3. Sporty and Stylish

Stephanie likes to embrace herself with fun and some plays. It has been an obvious thing that whenever active, Stephanie will always come up with a sports bikini style that provides her with much comfort. This outfit creates interest in beach gaming and sports activities more specifically volleyball. The sporty design has been known not to compromise on styles as it highlights your figure to keep the play look practical.

4. Elegant One-Pieces

The well-designed one-piece is a swimwear that Stephanie embraces so much and she is always embracing this outfit despite the bikini dominance. She made a bold choice of a stunning white one-piece that she matched with a silver neckline that gave clear details on her beauty.

Stephanie Hsu black-white dress

5. Mix and Match

This happens to be one of the most loved looks by Stephanie. She combines different colors, patterns, and styles in this look to make the swimwear fresh, fun, and amazing.



WRITTEN BY: Alex Munene

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