7 Ways To Incorporate Slow Fashion Into Your Life! Go sustainable or Go home!

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Consider sustainable and slow fashion to be the sartorial equivalent of a well-balanced diet: essential, healthful, and beneficial to both you and the environment. That’s a fantastic pitch, isn’t it? Read on to learn how to make your fashion choices more slow and sustainable.

7 ways to incorporate slow fashion into your life! Go sustainable or Go home!


1. Do Away With ‘I Have Nothing To Wear’ Attitude!

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So many of us have so much clothing, but every other day we return to the same “I have nothing to wear” refrain.
One simple method to avoid this habit is to always be prepared. For example, plan your outfit a day ahead of time so that when you get up the next day and begin getting dressed, you don’t feel like you’re out of clothing or good combos.

2. Look Over The Trends

The following season after season blindly is the quickest way to become involved in the terrible cycle of consumerism. However, while sustainability and slow fashion require you to abandon transitory patterns, they also allow you to establish an individualized style based on classics that do not need to be discarded due to repetitive trends.

3. Knowledge Is The Key

It is critical that you have a complete awareness of sustainable eco-positive textiles, brands that employ them, and businesses that are only pretending. Read about the businesses you want to buy from, understand their supply chain, how they service the artisans and their carbon impact. Learn about hemp and recyclable textiles that are excellent for both you and the environment.

4. Invest In Trans-Seasonal Clothing

Buy additional clothing essentials that will last you through the seasons. For example, while denim may be a little bit warm for summer, trousers may easily be worn in both seasons. Similarly, blouses and shirts may be simply layered up or layered down depending on the season.

5. From Hanging Your Clothes To Washing Them, Everything Counts

Take care of your garments since it is the simplest method to extend their life. Learn how to properly store your cotton and silks. . Similarly, the less harsh the washing procedure, the more environment as well as fabric-friendly it would be.

6. Purge

Instead of throwing your clothing when you believe you have outgrown them or have just used them enough, give them to someone else. As a result, your items will only be destroyed after completing a full cycle, living true to the very definition of slow fashion.

7. Do Away With ‘Sustainable Is Not Stylish’ Mindset

However, you truly have to feel the delights of delicate, airy mulmuls and lines to realize how gorgeous and elegant sustainable, and eco-friendly textiles are in and of themselves. There are plenty of businesses that are nailing the design aesthetics in this category.

Lastly, always remember that there’s nothing as stylish as sustainability!


Blog by: Priya Grover
Photo credit by Google

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