Actress Marina Sirtis 7 Most Fashionable High Slit Dresses

Marina Sirtis hot in blue
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Marina Sirtis is a well-known model for her role in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” She has been regarded as the style icon. She has been a keenly followed model in styles and designs. On her red carpet events, she has highly graced and been celebrated by a variety of her fans. With this, Marina has marked a great legacy in fashion and styles. Here are her best 7 Fashionable dresses.

1. Marina Sirtis in a Classic Black Slit Dress

Marina Sartis wow-wowed her fans with the classic black slit dress. This look featured the natural beauty of this great model. She paired the look with a silvery necklace that was brightening under the sun.

marina sartis in black wear

2. Marina Sirtis in the Red Carpet Wearing a Red Dress

Marina Sarris emerged as the style icon during the major award ceremony. She graced herself with the vibrant red slit gown. It was a curve-fitting gown with modernized designs that were cool and amazing. Her confident personality in modeling has been of no comparison.

3. The Metallic Marvel

The metallic silk gown made Marina to be the center of attention for its shining design. It left no doubt behind about Marina’s style choices. It attracted many and by this, Marina became an inspiration to her fans. She has been effortlessly working on her career and it has been seen to be a dream come true.

4. The Elegant Emerald

On her red carpet, Sartis graced herself with the emerald green dress. It was a long sleeve that covered her body completely. It gave a stunning look by displaying her greatness in fashion.

Marina Sirtis floral print

5. The Bold Blue Beauty

Blue is a calming color that has been attracting a variety of fans. At high-profile events, DSirtis has been gracing herself with the cobalt blue dress. This has been a form-fitting look that is a vibe to many fans.

Marina Sirtis hot in blue

6. The Glamorous Gold

The glamorous golden dress was a form-fitting one. It created a vibe for her fans. She set an example of a fashion icon. She has graced her beauty with her incredible outfit choices.

Marina Sirtis Flower print dress


7. Marina Sirtis in a Timeless White Gown

This look is preferred for summer which is a stunning outfit. It has a sleek design with single lines which display its beauty even more.

Marina Sirtis dress


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WRITTEN BY: Alex Munene

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