Adele: 7 Most Daring Musical Tour Outfits To Copy!

adele in hottest stage outfits
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Adele: Do you know Adele the powerful vocalist? For me, she is one of the most inspiring women in the music and fashion world as she does whatever she thinks is good with passion. She has been all over the world for shows and events her music tours are the ones that rock with a bang as she has come out with different outfits. Let me take you through Adele’s seven most daring outfits that captivated the audience.

1. The Sequined Jumpsuit By Adele:

Have ever worn a jumpsuit? For those that have not, you can check out Adele’s fashion on jumpsuits. She turned all heads during her 25th tour when she wore the sequined jumpsuit leaving everyone including me mouth agape.

Sequined Jumpsuit Adele

2. The Velvet Gown:

What comes to your mind when you hear the word gown? The word gown lingers in my mind from the time I saw Adele in the velvet gown during Adele Live Tour.

Adele in The Velvet Gown

3. The Leather Jacket By Adele:

What can you pair a leather jacket with? For those with no answer, Adele is your perfect answer. She wore her leather jacket showing her fashion vibe during the hello tour.

4. The Sparkly Mini Dress:

According to my research, I know that many wardrobes are not complete without a mini dress and that is no different when it comes to Adele’s wardrobe as it’s full of sparkly mini dresses like the one she featured in during the 21th tour.

The Sparkly Mini Dress by Adele

5. The Dramatic Cape By Adele:

Do you believe in phrases?  I believe in one that says less is more since I saw Adele channeling her inner vibe with the dramatic cape during the Adele live tour where many of her fans came out in large numbers to see her.

6. The Floral Maxi Dress:

For that love to embrace feminity it is so simple if your fashion icon is Adele as she loves putting on feminine clothes most of the time. This is evident from the moment I captured her in the floral maxi dress that showed her boho vibe is top-notch.

Adele in The Floral Maxi Dress

7.  The Sequined Pantsuit By Adele:

As we conclude the top seven fashion moments by Adele, let me take you through the breathtaking sequined pantsuit that left Adele making top headlines in all social media as she was the queen in that tour.


adele in hottest stage outfits



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