Barbie 5 Outfit Goals

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Before anything else, I would like to apologize if you find this blog hilarious. Barbie Robert’s outfit is not on my blog list, I swear! It just happened that I saw my niece watching a new episode of Barbie Life In The Dreamhouse and I remember my fun memories watching and playing Barbie when I was a kid. I feel like I need to write it and share with you how Barbie’s outfit is such a goal and an inspiration.

Barbie 5 Outfit Goals


Swan Lake Ballet Dress

Let’s begin at the famous Swan Lake Ballet Dress that everyone is crazy about. I just watched a video on TikTok and she sew a Barbie swan lake dress for her prom and it is really beautiful. If you take a look at the picture, the mix and match of the color of the dress are so pretty. Baby blue and baby pink match well, especially with some details on the tube top. It has like a corset that hugged the body. The additional glam on the arm is exquisite and I love how the swan feather design turns out.

It’s the little details that leave an impression not just on me but I know on every child who grew up watching Barbie as well.

Barbie & The Three Musketeers

The next look is from the movie Barbie & The Three Musketeers. Have you ever imagined wearing an outfit like this at a Halloween party or any costume party? Coz’ I am! I mean just look at the combination of the outfit. A cowboy hat, boots, and a puff shoulder dress. It may look like a simple outfit but I could wear this on Halloween 🎃

barbie on jumper with fitted shirt

Jumper on a fitted shirt? I’m up to it! It’s a casual look and it’s very comfortable with a pair of sneakers. Anyone could wear this, especially on a busy day at work or running some errands.

babrie wearing 3/4 dress
babrie wearing 3/4 dress 2

This look is what I called a casual and edgy style combined in one. It’s not unusual for girls to wear a 3/4 dress with a boot and it’s very chic wearing this style. With a little touch of accessories, you are ready to go! An alternative style for a 3/4 dress is a sneaker or high-edge shoes for more glam and fashion.

Barbie as the Princess And The Pauper
Barbie as the Princess And The Pauper 2

Remember Princess Annalise and Erika from Princess And The Pauper? Yup, that’s right! Everyone is trying to copy their Ball Gowns for Proms, Ball Dance, and whatsoever.


There’s no doubt that Barbie Roberts is a queen in fashion! Before Rapunzel from Tangle, there was Barbie As Rapunzel and before Legally Blonde, Emily In Paris, and another fashion icon nowadays. There was Barbie who I admired when it comes to fashion. She was my childhood fashion inspiration and I dresses up my Barbie dolls the same way with her. Well, maybe I am too a little. Don’t laugh at me! We all went through that stage! 😂

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