Cher of Legendary Hairstyles! See Her 7 Iconic Ones

Cher in The Big Curls
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Cher has continuously impacted the world through her fashion and music. From her music to her dressings, each component of Cher’s personification gives off audacity and leadership. What seems to have rendered the most lasting impact on fans all around the globe is her eternally changing celebrity locks. Now we are going to examine the 7 most legendary hairstyles of Cher that have strengthened the fashion world for decades.

1. Cher in the Long Straight Hair:

Cher’s early years in the screen light showcased her preferring long and straight hair, precisely in the middle. This was a straightforward maybe even somewhat monotonous makeup that combined later with other fame-giving looks of the artist and paved the way for her future transformations.

Cher in the Long Straight Hair

2. The Feathered Bob:

Over time, her career on the runway also progressed to the level of hairdos. The peaked bob having its short layered and feathered bangs stood out in the seventies and it became synonymous with the era. The same style was changed by Cher using volumes and movements but to no avail in taking it down from its pedestal as a timeless classic.

3. Cher in Half-Breed Braids:

Cher took her heritage as a prime influence to create the Half-Breed era which was well known for braids combining with cascading waves. These native crafts were not only powerful as they reflected her musical works but also represented her cultural celebrations.

4. The Big Curls:

Looking back, Cher was the queen of hair trends, pulling off huge curls that oozed a mixture of glam and elegance. Permanent waves and shellac treatments were commonly used to create this signature look, and hairpieces of many shapes and sizes.

Cher in The Big Curls

5. The Sleek Bob with Bangs:

The 90s saw Cher’s unique reinvention with a more nominal yet refined style. The cool style with blunt bangs was chosen by Cher which seemed essential to show that her evolution is beyond fashion but style.

6. Cher in Wavy Goddess:

The iconic hair of Cher left, brought her back to the stage over the years. Surfaces it gracefully all over from the shoulders. These long layers did not only mean perfection but also time travel.

Cher in Wavy Goddess

7. The Bold Wigs:

The entire span of Cher’s artistic voyage is indeed a showcase of her unapologetic and audacious attempts to infuse different wigs of contrasting hues and shapes reflecting her fearless nature and unashamed.




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