Eat the Following Fruits to Keep your Skin Soft and Smooth

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Skin Soft: Fashion is not only about wearing good-looking clothes or knowing how to dress. It involves taking care of your skin, maintaining good, keeping skin soft, and above all consuming the right types of food to keep you fashionable and sexy. That aside, scientists have proven to us that skin care is important and that there are specific types of fruits we should consume to have that naturally glowing, skin soft. Isn’t it a wish of everyone to have such skin? Here are the types of fruits that have been proven to have elements that improve the skin.

Fruits to keep your Skin Soft, Smooth and Healthy

1. Oranges:

Oranges have plenty of Vitamin C. According to American researchers, people who consume food rich in Vitamin C have fewer wrinkles than those who don’t. Luckily, Oranges have plenty of Vitamin C. Try them out.

keep your Skin Soft, Smooth and Healthy: oranges

2. Strawberries:

Apart from being sweet, strawberries have an additional nutrient that is good for your skin. As said above, this type of fruit contains vitamin C to give your skin that soft touch and natural glow.

3. Kales:

Though not a fruit, green and leafy foods are good for your skin. They are one of the rich sources of Vitamin A which is a natural antioxidant that promotes skin cell turnover and treats a number of skin illnesses.

keep your Skin Soft, Smooth and Healthy: kales

4. Peppers:

Peppers are easily available in most parts of the world. Whether green or red, they are good for your skin. Research shows that they do contain carotenoids, a natural antioxidant that decreases sun sensitivity on your skin.

5. Almonds:

Almonds are rare but still available in plenty of supply in some select countries. They are rich in Vitamin E, which is another powerful antioxidant that is a natural antiaging component. You don’t have to use some of the toxic anti-aging creams that are on the market. You can be unique and use natural ones.


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