Fashion Dream

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“Keep your dream alive”

While growing up I need not tell my parents that I have a passion for fashion. It can be seen, felt, and glared at.

Everything about me says it all, so I did my parents the honor of not thinking so hard about what their lovely daughter will like to become in the future, smiles!!

Most of the time, they will ask my siblings but when it gets to me, it is like open news, everyone knows!!!

I remembered when one of mom’s friends came to the house for a visit she was asking me and my siblings the normal children question “what will you like to become when you grow up?” When it got to my turn everyone chorused with my tiny voice lost in the crowd “she wants to be a designer”

Her response wowed me…” ooh I know” how did she know? Was the question running through my little mind, do I look like it?

I remember mom will give me some pieces of clothes I will turn them into a beautiful piece.

This is a tutorial about a beaded necklace which is very delicate with beautiful colorful column shaped.Let's have a try!

She always wonders how I come about my designs…I guess it runs in the family.

Years later high school calls my name and when I got there, I fell in love with science but part of me never left fashion.

I remember my parents telling me “we are so sure you wanted to be a designer I just laughed you guys are in for a surprise, I guess you are not that sure. Have you heard this ” mother knows best”

Mom at a point started doubting her capacity to know me, I like being unpredictable.

Mom was so worried because I took after her she thought she might fail to pass it on to me. She has seen what I can do with a piece of cloth, left for when a full fabric is handed to me it will be a masterpiece.

Don’t get me wrong I wanted to break new ground, I wanted to feel what it’s like to be out of your comfort zone knowing fashion is my comfort zone but one thing I felt to understand was even in my comfort zone I can break ground and be the best on what I know how to do best, what I failed to realized was there is more to fashion and I can explore and bring whatever design alive.

Fashion is dynamic in my years of little alive, I have come to see so many changes.

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I have seen that there is a whole lot of ground to break and explore in the fashion industry.

Although at some point I was into science, it was seeming I was leaving some part of me behind and I knew it was an important part that I need to bring alive at some point.

Can it grow dim? Yes, it can, can you let it die? Yes it is very possible but then there is good news you can always fan it into flame to start burning again, you can raise it up to be alive again, it’s very possible. Dreams are meant to be fulfilled, your dreams can come alive.

I know you will be wondering what happened at the end, well let me continue the story after the little pause but then the encouragement is for you, if you have decided to give up, no!! don’t do it yet!! A better story is on its way.

So I know you thought I will abandon science for fashion!!! Well, your thought was right, I did with no regret, who said I can’t use science for fashion? I use both all the time, it makes my job easier. Years later mom confided in me how scared she thought I would make or take the wrong decision concerning my fashion dream.

After high school, I stayed home with mom for a year, she downloaded me with all that I needed to start, mom is really good at teaching, what looks like an equation when you go to her she will simplify it like ABC. Mom can trust me with beautiful fabrics!!! Usually love the smell.

I became an expert that I almost became better than mom but then mom remains the master I can run back to when a style is hard for me to illustrate.


Years down the line I have gone to a fashion Academy, upgraded my skills, and took some courses even after college all to stay abreast with the latest fashion style and to keep on improving.

I explored the fashion Industry and explored some ground. I have found some treasure that will last for a long time, well I am still breaking the ground and making new discoveries, I love what I am seeing and who I am becoming.

I need not go to mom, I know the right techniques to apply, most of the time mom comes to me for some fashion illustration, and believe me, it feels so good!!!

Chase your dream, pursue your dream, you might not be there yet but you are getting so close.

By Chioma

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