How to Make Yourself Look Taller (19 Easy Ways)

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Being the shortest child in my elementary school class was a tradition for me. Even as an adult, I’m still a little under five feet tall. I’m only four feet five inches tall. In no time, I realized that there are certain things that tend to make you appear shorter, as well as some that can make you appear both taller and slimmer at the same time, depending on your body type. All of these strategies for seeming taller have been tried and tested by me, so you can be confident that they will work.How to appear taller

Dress in Clothes That Are Correctly Sized

If you dress in baggy clothing, you will appear shorter as well. This is especially true if you choose to dress in big clothes. When compared to clothing that is appropriately tailored to your body type, these can also give the impression that you weigh a little more than you actually do.

Vertical Stripes are a Fantastic Concept to Look Taller

Don’t wear horizontal stripes if you want to give the impression of being taller than you are. You will appear shorter and broader as a result of these. Instead, choose pinstripes, which are now in style. This will quickly give you the appearance of being taller. Wearing stripes on your pants will make your legs appear longer, so choose pants that include stripes.

Pick Up a Pair of Light Color Shoes

When compared to light-colored shoes, dark-colored shoes can make you appear shorter than you are. If you have the option, go bear. White, pastel pink and other light colors are also excellent choices….

Dress according to your body type.

Each of us has a unique body form and size. If you have an apple form or around upper body, but dress for a pear shape, it can make you appear shorter and unattractive on the outside. Dressing for an apple form when you have a pear shape can result in you wearing items that are too large for your body shape because they were not created for your body shape in the first place! Instead, take your body shape into consideration and test on items before making a purchase.

Dress shirts should be tucked in.

Long dress shirts should always be tucked in if you want to appear taller than you actually are. Wearing baggy garments will make your appearance shorter, same as if you were wearing other baggy clothes.

Jackets that are shorter

Long jackets will have the same effect as long shirts in terms of impact. In lieu of this, jackets that are waist length or shorter should be worn instead. The shorter the jacket, the greater the effect it will have on giving the impression of greater height.


Pants with a low rise are recommended.

While wearing mom jeans can help to conceal your stomach, they can also make you appear shorter. Instead, opt for a pair of low-rise jeans that are more comfortable. pants that sit on your hip bone provide the impression that you have a longer torso are a good choice.

Shirts with V-Necks

The small amount of extra skin that you display when wearing this sort of shirt will help to provide the impression of greater height. To achieve the same look, unbutton the top of a button-up shirt while ensuring that it remains appropriate in tone and style.

Bags that are smaller in size make you appear taller.

Large handbags can look to be overwhelming on a person who is not particularly tall. Check instead that the breadth of your new handbag is less than twelve inches in circumference. If possible, stay away from tote models that are relatively large. Even if they are only a few inches wide, the added height of the bag will make you appear shorter.

Opt for outfits that are monochromatic.

Purchase a pair of black pants in a lighter shade of black than you would normally wear. In addition to gray, this hue looks great on you as well! Never forget that using different tones of the same color throughout your complete outfit is what a monochromatic style is all about! Keep in mind to purchase a heeled boot in the same color as well!

Pants that are too long should be avoided.

Although it can be difficult to find pants that are the appropriate height when you are short in stature, allowing your pants to drag along the floor will make you appear shorter in height. As an alternative, take them to a professional who will hem them for you. They can trim the extra inches off the bottom of your shoes to ensure that they are the correct fit for you.

Try a crop top and high-waisted jeans for a more casual look.

The only time that mom jeans will not make you appear shorter is when they are worn with a crop top or tank top. Giving a small amount of flesh will make you appear taller, and the high-waisted jeans will ensure that you aren’t exposing too much of your body.

Knee-high boots should be worn. Properly

Knee-high boots can either make you appear taller or shorter depending on the rest of your outfit, so choose wisely. Make sure that the top of your shirt is just over the waist button of your pants if you want to appear taller. It is best not to pair baggy or oversized shirts with knee-high boots, and your jeans should be slimming in style as well. Leggings or slim jeans should be worn with this outfit to complete the look.


Jeans with a high waist can make legs appear longer and taller.

It is possible to make your legs appear longer by pairing high-waisted jeans with a shorter top without drastically reducing your body. You should keep in mind that you want to ensure that your entire outfit is meant to make you appear taller, so high-waisted jeans and a short top are excellent outfit ideas.

The same concept can be applied to skirts as well as dresses. In order to make your legs appear longer, consider wearing skirts and shorts that are meant to button at the waist rather than riding along your hips. Make certain that they are shorter in length as well, in order to instantly provide the appearance of greater height.

Don’t allow your pants to sag.

They will sag down if your pants are too large in the waist area. Because of this, the crotch will appear baggier and the legs of the pants may drag on the floor. Not only does this appear sloppy, but it also has the potential to make you appear shorter. Instead, get yourself a black belt. Almost everything looks good in black!

Wear Beautiful Heels

Shoes that are specifically made to make your legs appear longer are always a good choice for any occasion. A pair of high heels is an easy choice. Choose high heels in a color that complements your jeans or tights to give the appearance of being taller than you are.


Dresses and skirts that are form-fitting

If you’re a small lady, dresses and skirts should be tailored to fit your figure. Consider wearing a skirt that most people would consider a tiny skirt rather than a skirt that is longer in length. The fact that you’re on the shorter side allows you to carry off this style without appearing out of place. Another fantastic suggestion is to wear an A-frame skirt.


Dresses that are overly loose or too lengthy should be avoided.

This has the potential to give the impression that the dress is overwhelming you. In addition, the baggy fabric will make you appear shorter.


Belts that are too wide should be avoided.


If you’re wearing a dress that isn’t particularly form-fitting, belts are an excellent method to define your waistline. It is critical, however, to select the proper belt for the job. Wide belts will give the impression that your frame is shorter than it actually is. Instead, choose narrow belts that are the same color as your dress to make yourself appear taller and more elegant.

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Accessorize the upper half of your body with jewelry.


Wearing accessories that are higher on your body will cause the other person’s eye to wander upwards, resulting in them taking in more of your height as a result. Overall, this gives you the appearance of being taller.

That means you should avoid wearing brightly colored shoes or ankle bands on your lower half, as these will draw attention away from your upper half. Instead, accent your attire with hats, necklaces, and gorgeous earrings to make them stand out.

While you can’t change how tall you are, there are several things you can do to make yourself appear to be taller. Make use of as many of these tips as you can to give the impression that you are taller than others.

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By Ijeoma Anyah

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