Inside Millie Bobby Brown Controversial Snake Necklace!

Millie Bobby Brown snake necklace
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Millie Bobby Brown, whose role in Stranger Things made her famous, is all over the news again, but this time it is about something entirely different from her acting. It’s her fashion, and she was wearing a snake necklace. A few months ago, the star teenager posted an image on Instagram wearing an amazing snake necklace. It was a silver necklace that was set with diamonds and touched her neck. It was a large diamond necklace of a rare kind that one could see under the microscope.

Millie Bobby Brown

Not all listeners were thrilled. Some insisted that it looked like a real snake around her neck. They questioned her choice of snake as a neckpiece; this was seen as sending the wrong message. She stood up to others and stated that it was just an accessory and should not be overdramatized. She highlighted that several celebrities, dressed in similar accessories, had never faced any questioning. Millie Bobby Brown knows how to get people going. She has a talent that goes beyond understanding her acting skills or fashion choices, anytime she does anything it stays in the limelight.

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This was hardly the first time when Millie sparked an outrage with her eclectic fashion dresses. Previously she has always gotten positive and negative comments both for her wedding dress and choice of dresses out of stage. Regardless, of whether you adore or detest it all together, one thing that stands out is that  Millie does not shrink back when it comes to fashion because she is a fashion setter who is not afraid to venture into new things breaking boundaries that were set.

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The parting shot about Millie Bobby Brown Necklace

I guess the snake necklace is going to continue being part of her wardrobe. That amount of criticism did not affect Millie as she kept wearing the necklace and one may expect that this may even catch the fans’ trend. She has always left social media on fire by being the headline. Her amazing Fashion has left those who follow her wishing to embrace her styles as they are fantastic and easy to blend into. Those who may not mind the backlash of people can copy the electric fashion styles by Millie Bobby.


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