Kate Mara Turns Heads in 5 Seemingly Hot Dress Outfits

Kate Mara sexy hot blue dress
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Kate Mara is well known for her role in “House of Cards” which created a great legacy for her, making her one of the most trending models worldwide. Kate Mara her been persistent in her career and she seems to be very appreciative of that. She has been surrounded by very supportive relatives when it comes to matters concerning her career choice. She has not faced any intimidation when it came to matters regarding her choice. Here are her  5 hottest dress choices.

Kate Mara amazing with a head-toe outlook

1. The Red Valentino Gown

The red Valentino gown that Kate Mara wore was golden and beautiful during her amazing red carpet show where she greatly dominated everyone. The dress featured her petite slim nature which gave her the real beauty that everyone truly admired. Red as I do say always is a vibrant calling color for attraction and attention.

Kate Mara sexy red gown

2. The Sheer  Lace Dress.

Kata Mara clearly turned down any kind of negative rumor about fashion at the Met Gala which was known for its brilliant fashion when she displayed herself in the show with the super gorgeous sheer lace dress which left many wondering about her glowing nature.

Kate Mara luxurious car and outfit

3. The Metallic Mini Dress

The metallic mini dress is a more modernized mini dress that made Kate Mara wow during the fashion night party. She displayed herself with the metallic mini-dress that enabled her to embrace her feminine side jovially.

Kate Mara sexy hot blue dress

4. The Black Velvet Gown

Kata Mara showcased her beauty and sense of fashion at the Academy Awards with the glowing black velvet gown. This was one of the legacies that she truly made and it will rarely be broken at any cost. She matched this dress with a rich velvet fabric that gave her more beauty.

Kate Mara black-doted dtress

5. The White Cut-Out Dress

With her natural beauty, the white cut-out dress enabled Kate to complete her beauty. She has been an inspiration to many in fashion. Kate has also influenced many in social media and various fields.

Kate Mara in a little black dress

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WRITTEN BY: Alex Munene

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