Make up on point! Brittany Murphy 7 Iconic Moments

Brittany Murphy make up
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Brittany Murphy was a talented actress known for her roles in Clueless, 8 Mile, and Sin City. She marked a legacy with her performances as well as her incredible fashion styles. Regardless of her style and performance, Brittany definitely won the makeup competition! Here are her seven iconic makeup moments. Though late, her makeup is still alive to date!

Brittany Murphy with black top cream moments


1. The Fresh-Faced Beauty in Clueless

In Clueless, Brittany displayed her beautiful characteristics with a natural look that captured the attention of many. She displayed her minimal look that was quite amazing and attractive.

2. The Glamorous Red Lip

Brittany has been a lover of classic beauty. She has been showcasing her classic beauty effortlessly with much glamour. She displayed herself with the most memorable look which she paired a red lip with eye makeup turning to be an amazement to the majority. This makeup was a perfect choice for her complexion.
Brittany Murphy flower print dress red lips

3. Smokey Eyes in 8 Mile

The smokey makeup has been one of the most significant makeup displayed by Brittany. It was a perfect vibe that was embraced by her fans and was an inspiring makeup. It was a smoldering black makeup around her eyes matching her complexion.

4. The Retro Glam in Sin City

Brittany took it as a responsibility to embrace the retro glam look. The makeup was a perfect match for her complexion. It was a dark makeup that covered eyebrows. Her lips were glowing and shining under the sun.

Brittany Murphy silver dress with her glowing makeup

5. Playful Pink Lips

Brittany showcased her playful pink lips effortlessly. This makeup added a touch of glamour to her beauty. It was a sophisticated makeup that allied her complexion softly with a moment of admiration.

6. Golden Goddess at Award Shows

Brittany has been a golden goddess with her admired makeup. Her versatility has been of great influence to many who have been following her makeup. The golden look gave her glowing skin which was so attractive to her fans.

Brittany Murphy make up

7. Dramatic Eyeliner

Brittany has been known for her expressive eyes which are so attractive. The dramatic eyeliner was an eye coverup makeup that was applied smoothly adding up more beauty of Brittany.



WRITTEN BY: Alex Munene

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