Margot Robbie 10 Most Daring Dresses: Bold and Sexy!

Margot Robbie/ Margot Robbie fashion/sexy Margot Robbie Metallic Mini Dress
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Margot Robbie is one of my favorite fashion icons I have come to love her outstanding fashion styles. She has always stood out wherever she goes with her exceptional traits like confidence that play a big part in her fashion choices. In this article, I will be taking you through the 10 dresses by Margot Robbie that caught my attention most.

1. The Gold Sequin Dress:

At the Oscars, Margot came rocking in a gold sequin dress that perfectly hugged her body showing off her curvaceous body.

Margot Robbie fashion in a gold sequin dress
Margot Robbie hot dress

2. Margot Robbie Red Hot Gown:

The dress helped Margot make a statement on the red carpet as it had features like the plunging neckline that was so exceptional.

Margot Robbie/ Margot Robbie Red Hot Gown

3. The Sheer Black Dress:

Black is one color that never goes out of fashion and when Margot Robbie wore it to the red carpet she turned all heads as people tried to catch a second glimpse of her to see if their eyesight was playing a joke on them.

Margot Robbie in sheer black dress

4. The Cut-Out Gown:

Margot is one fashion icon that I love for her bravery like when she decided to attend the red carpet in a gown that had cut-out details.

Margot Robbie sexy cut out dress

5. Margot Robbie Metallic Mini Dress:

This dress added a touch of sexiness as it featured a high neckline, long sleeves, and a hemline that I loved from the dress.

Margot Robbie/ Margot Robbie fashion/sexy Margot Robbie Metallic Mini Dress

6. The Floral Print Gown:

One thing that made Margot stand out at the awards show was her choice of vibrant colors and dramatic silhouette which caught my attention most.

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7. Margot Robbie Lace Slip Dress:

At the fashion event Margot, rocked in a lace slip dress that had a thigh-high slit that drove many crazy including me.

Margot Robbie hot and sexy lace dress

8. The Off-the-Shoulder Dress:

She wore the stunning dress at the fashion event leaving many amazed by the skirt as it was outstanding. I loved this dress as it was an influencer on many women who wore it right after Margot.

9. Margot Robbie Feathered Gown:

Margot Robbie is my goddess of fashion as she has always stood out in whatever fashion outfit she chooses and the feathered gown is the top on the list of my favorites.

Margot Robbie fashion/ lovely Margot Robbie

10. The Bold Print Dress:

At the charity event, Margot came donning a bold print dress with vibrant colors that caught our attention easily.


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