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British Airways offers a convenient “Manage My Booking” feature that allows customers to easily access and update their travel information. By creating a profile, passengers can enjoy a personalised experience tailored to their preferences and needs. Within this profile, individuals can store essential details such as their contact information, frequent flyer number, passport details, and seating preferences. The British Airways Manage My Booking tool empowers travellers to make changes to their itinerary effortlessly. Users can modify flight dates, upgrade seating options, add or remove special requests, and even request specific meals. Additionally, the profile stores historical booking information, enabling customers to review their past trips and access relevant receipts. With the profile’s integration, British Airways enhances the overall travel experience by providing personalised recommendations, such as flight upgrades or exclusive offers. This feature streamlines the booking process and saves time, allowing passengers to focus on enjoying their journey. By leveraging the “Manage My Booking” tool and maintaining an up-to-date profile, British Airways customers can ensure a seamless travel experience with the airline, enjoying the benefits of personalised services and easy access to their booking information.



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