Molly Qerim in High Slit Dresses! 7 of the Most Elegant Ones

Molly Qerim in High Slit Dresses hot
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Molly Qerim has been on the trend for a long time. She has shown numerous talents in different fields like fashion and her role as a sports anchor. Molly Qerim has caught the attention of many whether on the red carpet or when hosting a sports event with her fashion-forward dresses that feature high slits. In this article, I will be taking you through the seven top dresses with high slits by Molly Qerim that are my favorites.

1. The Classic Black:

Black is one color that I have noted speaks for itself and it never goes out of fashion as it is a timeless piece of fashion. Molly stunned many in the high-slit black dress that radiated her beauty and she turned a lot of heads mine included with her lovely outfit.

Molly Qerim/ sexy Molly Qerim

2. Molly Qerim in Red Hot:

Red is a vibrant color that is often worn when one is heading out on a date or when wishing to showcase a romantic touch. Molly Qerim stood out on different occasions in the red dress which made her hit headlines.

3. Pretty in Pink:

Molly shone like a star in the pretty pink dress that featured a high slit. The dresses added a touch of femininity to her making her stand out from a large crowd with her beautiful look. I liked this outfit since it brought out many elements of her.

4. Molly Qerim Elegant in White:

Molly is my favorite fashion icon as she showed different times that she was able to blend into any outfit and vibe. Molly to me looked like an angel straight from heaven in the white gown with a high slit.

Molly Qerim fashion/ Molly Qerim high-slit dresses

5. Sparkling Silver:

Silver is one of the colors that has always been matched with royalty. To Molly, I saw that her wardrobe would never be complete without the silver dress as it was a signature outfit.

Molly Qerim in High Slit Dresses hot

6. Molly Qerim Bold in Blue:

The high-slit blue dress was one of my favorite dresses that I loved seeing Molly in as she looked like the queen of fashion.

Molly Qerim sexy in high slit blue dress
hot Molly Qerim

7. Glamorous in Gold:

This was a dress that people could not stop speaking of when Molly wore it as was a luxurious yet cool look that I could not get out of my mind.

Molly Qerim dresses/ Molly Qerim fashion
Molly Qerim high-slits hot





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