Pastel Tie Dye Fashion: 7 Stylish Ways to Rock the Trend

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Tie dye is normally recognized for being highly trippy, incredibly bright, and always crazy fun, but sometimes a more muted aesthetic is precisely what we’re looking for. Whether you’re wearing conventional tie dye fashion or more avant-garde ones, pastel tie-dye exudes a high-fashion atmosphere. Plus, it’s quite simple to do yourself, so there’s no need to hurry out and spend a small sum on anything purchased from a Tie Dye clothing shop!

Here’s a collection of 10 pastel tie-dye ideas, all created using tie-dye techniques.

Dip Dye Pastel Tie Dye Fashion Shorts

Dip dye is one of the simplest tie-dye procedures available; no folding or binding is necessary, yet the results are stunning!

These shorts have a pastel green that is more diluted on top and more intense on the bottom creating a great Ombre effect.

You can get this effect using the Tie-Dye Kit or the 1-Color Kit in Teal (or whatever color you desire)!

Ice Dye Pastel Tie Dye Fashion Shorts

The Ice Dye Technique is another wonderful way to get a pastel tie-dye appearance. Crumpled up a pair of white denim jean shorts (cotton preferred) and dyed them with a selection of One-Step Dye colors. Using less color powder over the ice will result in a brighter pastel effect.

Shibori Pastel Tie Dye Top

We adore the Shibori Tie-Dye Technique because it’s incredibly trendy and always delivers intriguing results, whether you’re tie-dying a T-shirt, blouse, jeans, or shorts. Use the Shibori method with diluted dye colors from the Tie-Dye Kit to get a similar pastel tie-dye appearance.

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Bullseye Pastel Tie Dye Dress

Speaking of dresses, how adorable is this pastel blue bullseye number? It appears to be a beautiful color explosion! Grab a white cotton maxi dress, learn how to tie dye it, and build your own for a summer fete or just because! Use the 1-Color Tie-Dye Kit to get this design.

Crumple Pastel Tie Dye Fashion Jeans

Jeans are a wardrobe must; we all wear them! Change things up with a pair of tie-dye jeans in lovely pastel tones. On a white pair of cotton jeans, use the Crumple Tie Dye Technique and the Tie Dye Kit to get this appearance. You can also see designs from a Tie Dye clothing online shop.

Pastel Tie Dye Fashion Top

The Dip Dye Technique is used in this variation with two complementing dye colors. It’s quite OK to layer one dye color over another; just be sure you dip your garment in the lighter dye color first, then the darker color above or below it. When mixing colors, keep basic color theory in mind: select tones that blend well together rather than turning muddy brown. This style may be achieved using the Tie Dye Kit.

Ice Dye Pastel Tie Dye Fashion Tank Top

You may also carry your belongings in flair with a pastel tie-dye tote! This tie-dye tote bag is ideal for a day at the beach, breakfast with friends, or a trip to the farmer’s market for some fresh meals. The Stripes Tie Dye Technique is a terrific design for tote bags. Brighten things up by using the ultimate kit available at Tie Dye shops to create pastel colors.

Final Words

Matching tie-dye outfits and loungewear sets were in high demand this year at Tie Dye fashion clothing shops. It’s difficult to resist the variety of colors and color palettes dipped and dyed into everything from plain white T-shirts to ribbed ankle socks. We picked a freeform mixture of Bullseye String Patterns with some winding pleats in between to shake things up. After you’ve bound your fabric, use the Ice Dye Technique to add gobs of color from your Kit for pastel effects.

Image Source: Google Images

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