Style tips for Skinny Guy!

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These are the 6 Style tips for Skinny guys! 

style tips for skinny guy

So you’re a skinny guy who wants to look bigger. The advice you’ll get around here is to go to the gym and gain weight and muscle.

And I agree! but, as a thin guy myself, I know it takes time.

If you’re anything like me, you have an extremely fast metabolism, which makes it difficult to acquire weight and muscle. In addition to your fast metabolism, you may have a tight work schedule and children to care for, leaving you with less time to hit the gym than you would like.

So perhaps you’re already doing your best to heed that advice.

Maybe you’re going to the gym whenever you can to gain weight, but you’re not getting the body you want fast enough, and you want to make the most of what you have now.

Or maybe you’re not seeking to bulk up at all. Maybe you’re a long-distance runner who enjoys his small body or a jockey who prefers to keep light.

That doesn’t imply you shouldn’t make a strong manly impression in everyday situations.

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Because there are numerous advantages to looking strong. People naturally gravitate toward healthy people because our subconscious perceives fitness as an indicator of strength and health in romantic partners, work colleagues, and even friends. 

Guys appreciate other men who appear to be capable of holding their own in a crisis, while women are drawn to men who appear to be strong protectors. And everyone appreciates individuals that exude vigor and appear to be around for a long time.

What if I told you that you may have that look and reap the benefits even before you’ve gained muscle? You may have a powerful male impression even before you’ve bulked up your figure by wearing the correct clothes in the appropriate way.

You won’t finish up looking like Arnold Schwarzeneggerbut the style advice I’m about to provide you will help you make tiny cosmetic gains that will make a big impact.

Let’s Hop into our topic!

1. Avoid wearing clothes that make you appear Frail

The first step toward making a more powerful first impression is to quit wearing clothes that make you appear physically weaker. 

And if you’re a skinny guy, you’re probably wearing similar clothes right now. And, if not now, I’m sure you’ve worn such clothes before and will again. To be honest, they can be tough to avoid. But you should still give it a shot.

Oversized, billowing clothing is the worst culprit.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

Skinny guys, frequently try to hide their frame by wearing larger clothes, believing that they will appear larger as well.

It is not recommended. You make yourself look like a skeletal scarecrow by wearing clothes that are too big for you.

Pay close attention to your shoulders and sleeves as well. The shoulder seam should be near the border of your shoulder. When it sits beyond that line, it gives the impression that you’re sagging. And if you’re sleeves are overly huge (pirate-sleeve syndrome), it gives the impression that you don’t have big enough arms to fill them out.

Same as long-sleeved tees that can make your arms look like spaghetti strings.

Look for t-shirts that fit snugly around the arm. ( You may also roll them up a little, James Dean style, if you

Also skinny pants and tapered legs can make your legs look like a stick. Avoid them as well (if you haven’t already).

Also, avoid wearing bulky accessories. There will be no huge watches or wide ties. Keep your accessories in proportion to your body. You don’t want your watch’s face to cover your entire wrist.

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Simply addressing these minor flaws will make a significant effect. But there’s a lot more you can do.

2. Wear the One item That Will make you look Stronger

Did you know that simply wearing one specific item, you may instantly make yourself appear more buff?

I’m referring to a jacket – and not just any old windbreaker. suit jacket, sports coat, or blazer is what I’m referring to.

These jackets are made to enhance the make body and make you appear more muscular.


To begin with, they expand your shoulders. The majority of these jackets include padding that creates a sharper edge where your shoulder would ordinarily begin to drop down. This padding adds about a half-inch on each side.

While this may not seem like much, you’d be amazed at how much of a difference it can make.

style tips for skinny guy

However, you should go for light padding. Take caution not to purchase a jacket with padding that is too large for you. It should be delicate, not garish.

Good coats will make your shoulders appear wider and taper down to your waist. This draws attention to your V-shape, which is a recognized symbol of male strength.


The V-Shape on your lapels will heighten the effect even further.

Finally, the jacket will open from the mid-torso to the neck, enabling your shirt and/or tie to show.

This will create a contrast that will attract the eye away from your thin waist and up to your chest, where you are the broadest.

All of these elements make you appear stronger, but you can take it a step further by wearing a double-breasted jacket, which adds an additional layer of fabric to your torso. 

3. Wear Several layers of clothes

With each new layer, you acquire a little more breadth. Each layer will not add much on its own, but when combined, they can make a significant difference.

However, you should keep a few things in your mind.

To begin, you don;t want to wear a bunch of thick layers on top of each other. No, you cannot simply put on three thick sweaters.

While this will make you appear larger, you will also resemble the Michelin Man. 

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Instead, layer your clothes from light to heavy and from thin to thick. 

Begin with the lightest cloth and gradually add sturdier layers on top. 

Similarly, you want your clothing to transition from light designs and textures to stronger ones.

And while all of your layers (save your possible undershirt) should be visible, they should be coordinated. Your outfit’s hues should all complementone another. But if you’re not sure how to match colors, try the one-color method to avoid clashes. 

Simply stick to one color family and keep the rest of your outfit neutral.

For instance, you may pair a light mint green shirt with a darker green sweater and grey jacket. 

Alternatively, you might wear a light blue shirt with a grey cardigan and a navy jacket. 

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

Many men struggle with outfit coordination, but the simpler you keep it, the better and easier it becomes. 

4. Dress with fabrics that add bulk to your frame. 

Another simple technique to enhance visual bulk is to use the proper fabric.

Textured fabrics, for example, appear to have greater mass than smooth fabrics.

Everything that seems rougher to the touch suggests you have more body mass than you actually have. Example of these fabrics are, Denim, Corduroy, Flannel and Tweed.

Aside from textures, consider the thickness of your knitted clothing.

Chunky, thick knits have become increasingly fashionable in recent years, particularly in the fall and winter, when they are clearly more appropriate. So, in addition to lightweight wool, you should have some thick knit sweaters or cardigans in your closet for casual wear.

The nice thing about thick-knit clothing is that it is not only thicker than standard knits, but it is also usually textured, so you can kill two birds with one stone.


5. Enhance the Appearance of Your Neck

Few men examine their necks while thinking about bulking up. They concentrate on their chest, abs, arms, and legs.

However, Aristotle describes a solid neck as a sign of boldness and power in his works on physiognomy(basically, how people perceive other people based on physical appearance.)

A narrow neck, on the other hand, is indicative of weakness, if not cowardice.

So it’s possible that schoolyard bullies developed the phrase pencil-neck to refer to anyone they thought was too weak, timid, or cowardly.

Personally, my neck is both long and thin. So I considered myself fortunate to have discovered some ways to make it appear both shorter and stronger.

Turtle necks are the traditional choice for creating this appearance, but there are numerous other possibilities.

Collared sweaters and cardigans come in a variety of styles, both classic and modern. You could look at the following styles to see if you can find something you like:

  • Neck Zips
  • Collares that stand up
  • Collars wtih shawls
  • Tube necks

By Arman

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