Taking Care of Your Eyes!

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We all know that our eyes are the most important part of our body. It doesn’t only help us to see everything in our surroundings but also it helps us to register a lot of memories in our brain and to understand the true meaning of life.

Losing our sight seems to be tantamount to death. Because when you are no longer seeing you will no longer witness the pleasure of living and how to be happy. Because your movements will be limited, and you will no longer be able to do everything you used to do. So to prevent you from getting into this situation here are some tips on how to take care of your eyes.

Don’t smoke or if you smoke, stop!

Smoking can cause serious illnesses that can also affect our eyes. If now you have not felt such pain at your young age, you will feel it as you get older, and will gradually affect your vision. An example of this was macular degeneration and eye cataracts which also can damage your optic nerve.


Rest your eyes!

like other parts of our body, our eyes get tired too. Perhaps it is in every day being exposed to the radiation of modern technologies such as cellphones computers, Television or even sunlight. Because of them, our eyes are damaged and we get tired from daily activities.

To avoid strain, Practice the 20-20-20 rule


For every 20 minutes of using computer or mobile phones

Look away about 20 Feet anywhere

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For about 20 seconds


Sunglasses Save you!

Did you know that sunglasses aren’t just about style? it also helps you keep your eyes in the sunlight. Sunlight can also harm our eyes.

Sunlight can also increase your risk of developing cataracts and other eye diseases.

Use sunglasses that can block 99 to 100% of both UV-A and UV-B radiation from the sun.


Protect your eyes anywhere or anytime

To avoid eye injuries, wear eye protection when participating in certain activities, work in vocations such as factory labor and construction, and perform home repairs or projects.

We don’t know what might hit our eye or spit it out when we do such things. So it is better to be careful to avoid such incidents.

For people who wear contact lenses

Before inserting or removing your contact lenses, thoroughly wash your hands. Also, follow the directions on how to clean them correctly and replace them as needed.


Here are more info How to take care of your contact lense.

Know your self risks factors

As we get older we gradually feel a change in our bodies and health. It is important that we know ourselves and how we should take care of it to avoid the possible illnesses we receive.

You are more likely to acquire age-related eye disorders and problems as you become older. It is critical to understand your risk factors since you may be able to reduce your risk by modifying specific behaviors.

Eat healthy food

Fruits and vegetables, particularly rich yellow and green leafy vegetables, should be abundant in your diet. Consuming omega-3 fatty acid-rich fish such as salmon, tuna, and halibut can also benefit your eyes.

Make it a habit to eat them to help take care of your eyes and prevent the development of chronic diseases.


Maintain a normal weight

Obesity or even being overweight raises your chances of developing diabetes. Diabetes increases your chances of developing diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma.

Summer Dresses

Keep a good diet and always monitor your weight to avoid such occurrences.

Always do some Exercises

Exercise may aid in the prevention or management of diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. These disorders can cause eyesight or eye difficulties. So, if you exercise on a regular basis, you can reduce your chances of developing these eye and vision disorders.

Here are some tips for you to take care of your eyes. Remember that the eyes are the most important needs in our body. Always take care of your eyes! 

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