The Costly Downsides of Knotless Braids You Should Know

Downsides of Knotless Braids
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Knotless Braids have become so popular in recent years probably due to their fancy natural appearance and their reduced tension, especially on the scalp. While they have been cited to have several advantages over traditional box braids, they come with a number of disadvantages that you ought to know before making your decision. This exclusive article will serve as your guide during your journey of navigating through. Have a look:

1. Increased Time and Cost: Knotless Braids

Knotless braids will have you spending more time and money to install everything that is needed. Unlike the traditional box braids, the hair is divided into some segments and then tied with a knot.  Making the knotless braid will require plenty of time, skill, and expertise from a skilled stylist who will definitely charge higher. Additionally, knotless braids require a large quantity of hair.

2. Too much strain on your hairline:

Ladies, you must learn to protect your hairline at all costs. Knotless braids have been found to exert some significant strain on the hairline if installed excessively tight. Continuous pulling of the extensions results in hair breakages and thus receding of the hairline. Kindly look for more advanced and better ways of reducing the risk of hair damage.

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3. Maintenance of the hair is a great challenge: Knotless Braids

Maintaining knotless braids is more challenging compared to traditional ones. The fact that knots are missing means that the hair is not so secure and thus will require more regular touch-ups and re-braiding which will increase the cost of maintenance.

Downsides of Knotless Braids

4. Limited styling versatility: Knotless Braids

One of the most common characteristics of hair, clothes and fashion is versatility. This means that the specific item can be used for a number of occassions and times. However, when it comes to knotless braids, they seem to be limited in terms of styling versatility. The braids are installed right close to the scalp and must lie flat. This in turn makes them very challenging to create different hairstyles. We must note that knotless braids may not be the best choice for you. Be sure to consider your own personal style before committing to the knotless braids that might restrict your options.


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