Top 6 Bridesmaid Dress Ideas perfect for Your Upcoming Wedding

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Bridesmaid dress: A Bridesmaid dress should be perfect or near perfect. There is no room for any error as the dresses are a true reflection of the thoughts of the bride and her fashion taste. The decision on the type and the color of the dresses is totally and entirely on the bride and her bridal team. Therefore, every bride has to get it right, since a wedding cannot be redone, except in the cases of a divorce. It is your big day, I mean, why should you get it wrong? You have had all those years to prepare. I will help you out, where I can, and here are the 6 bridesmaid dress ideas that I find perfect for your upcoming wedding. Take a look:

1. One-shoulder dress

This is one of the latest waves of bridesmaid dresses. So far in the weddings that  I have attended, this type of gown has dominated the show and I have loved it. The team looks sassy and very admirable from afar. It is a perfect match, especially for colors well chosen to match the decors at the wedding.

bridesmaid dress short

2. Off-shoulder bridesmaid dress

Personally, I have a huge crush on off-shoulder dresses, especially when worn at a wedding by a team who have a great sense of fashion. If you have to choose such type of dressing for your wedding, trust me that you will never get it wrong. Kindly allow the team to choose their ideal different shoes so that their personal taste in fashion can come out clearly.

bridesmaid dresses off shoulder

3. Skirt with a print dress

This is one of the finest ideas that could ever cross your mind. Imagine your bridal team looking as elegant and as sassy as the photo below. Don’t they look so lovely? These prints could be different and more customized to fit the interests and the decor of your wedding.

bridesmaid dress 69

4. Front slit maxi bridesmaid dress

Green would be a favorite color to rock within your dream wedding. Green is a universal color that matches a wide range of events. With a front slit, the brides look elegant and dressed to kill. Of the styles listed below, which one would you choose for your dream wedding?

bridesmaid dress green

5. Red one-shoulder bridesmaid dress

Red maxi dresses are good, in fact very good. They reflect the beauty of those in the team as well as the entire theme of the wedding. The fact that red is the color of love speaks it all.

bridesmaid dress red

6. sexy strapped slit maxi dress

Strapped long dresses are most favorite for weddings. The dresses are tight-fitting, bringing out the curves in your body. The slit on the front is good for any wedding since the events are more informal.

bridesmaid dress sexy strap

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